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Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

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Essay writing is an integral part of learning, and each student has to produce content on different topics. For you to succeed, you have to write accurate and impressive essays. Nevertheless, even for students who are literate in English, completing such assignments can be a challenging task. You need remarkable composing skills, the ability to construct a good story and avoid committing any errors. You are prone to make countless errors as you complete such an assignment, but do not worry. Here are the essays writing mistakes you are inclined to make so you can avoid them.

Common content mistakes in essays

One of the common mistakes in writing that you make is content mistakes. To produce a great piece of composition, such as examples of research papers, you have to include an introduction, a well-thought-out body, and a powerful conclusion. Poor essays, on the other hand, tend to have a weak structure lacking essential sections, such as a proper introduction. Also, they have unimpressive content and the absence of a thesis statement.

To avoid falling in these pitfalls, write a composition whose content matches your topic. Pick a topic and make sure that the information you discuss is both relevant and exciting. Compose a good introduction that gives your reader an idea of what your issue is about and a thesis statement should be present. Also, support all your arguments with facts and examples and have a meaningful conclusion.

Stylistic mistakes

Despite having excellent ideas in your composition and conducting proper research without the appropriate writing style, your writing will always be below expectations. Stylistic errors you are probable to make include; repeating words and expressions. When you lack a proper way of expressing your thoughts and ideas, you fall into a slump where you use particular words and phrases over and over. Doing this makes your essay boring and monotonous. Instead, utilize synonyms to explain your ideas.

Depending on the subject you are writing about, you have to match it with the ideal glossary. Slang words such as ‘wanna’ and non-standard verbs should not be part of your essay. Always use formal terms.

Also, be attentive to the structuring of sentences. While passive voice may sound good when writing, it complicates writing by making you use too many words. So, instead of having long and complicated sentences, opt for active voice all the time.

Structural mistakes

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As one of the essential part of academic writing, essays need to follow strict guidelines for them to be acceptable. The instructions make your thoughts come out with clarity so you can communicate your ideas. Nevertheless, according to Essay Zoo, these structural mistakes make this impossible.

One of the most common structural mistakes is sentence errors that include fragments. When you punctuate some words as complete sentences without all the necessary clauses, you end up with incomplete sentences known as fragments. As a result, your writing fails to make sense. To avoid this, write complete sentences or join the fragment to the preceding sentence.

Another structural fault, according to Custom Writing, is errors in the text structure. Failing to paragraph your work or not knowing how to list things in an essay makes it impossible to communicate ideas. Each article needs to have five paragraphs that include an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Thus, ensure you have sections in your work.

Grammar mistakes

Grammar errors are the most common errors that students make. You try to come up with a correct piece of writing that is engaging, has a proper structure, and is convincing to the reader. However, adequate grammar somehow ends up forgotten. If you want to produce a correct essay that impresses your professor, be on the lookout for these grammar inaccuracies.

One is mistakes when using nouns. Confusing countable and uncountable nouns is a significant problem you can avoid by using the right determiners. Errors when using verbs is another issue to look out for by ensuring you understand the use of auxiliary and stative verbs. Also, know the correct usages of modal verbs such as ‘can,’ ‘could’ and ‘able’ among others.

When it comes to the subject-predicate agreement, be keen when words such as ‘both,’ ‘some’ or ‘neither’ introduce compound words by ensuring plural words follow them. Mistakes when using pronouns comes when the pronoun underuse does not agree with the noun. Ensure that this is not the case. Can you use ‘we’ in an essay? When considering grammar, you have to find out whether it is appropriate to use first-person narratives such as I, us, me, and you in the piece you are writing.

Vocabulary mistakes

Having well-argued ideas, correct grammar, and the structure of an essay means nothing if you make errors in your vocabulary. Experts who do an essay for you argue that you should avoid these errors at all costs.

One is the misuse of words that sound the same. For example, ‘here and hear,’ ‘its and it’s,’ among others. Ensure you do not confuse the two. Confusing words is another significant vocabulary error that you make. Such terms include ‘whether/weather’ and ‘lose/ loose,’ among others.

Writing words in their wrong form can also result in vocabulary errors. To avoid all these mistakes, always spare a considerable amount of your writing time to proofreading your work.

Punctuation mistakes

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Another common inaccuracy that requires essay help is punctuation mistakes. Using punctuation marks helps you make ideas separate, connect ideas, and bring their meaning out. Failure to use proper punctuation is detrimental to your writing process as your work appears confused and neglected.

When it comes to composing excellent essays, making punctuation mistakes is normal. However, for quality work, learn the rules of utilizing punctuation marks such as commas, full stops, colon, semicolons, and quotation marks, among others. For example, the use of commas before conjunctions such as ‘but,’ and ‘or.’ Always close each sentence with a full stop and use quotation marks where necessary.


Succeeding in academic writing, in particular, coming up with essays can seem like an uphill task. Between the instructions of the composition and the scripting guidelines you have to follow, struggling with such an assignment is inevitable. Essay writing services or producing mediocre writing can look like the only options. Nevertheless, if you want to perfect your skills at such tasks, do not worry. Ensure you understand, identify, and avoid the above common mistakes, and in the end, the challenging endeavor will turn out to be enjoyable. As a result, you will earn top grades.


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