What to Expect When Smoking CBD for the First Time

Smoking CBD is a new experience and we will go over what to expect.

More and more Americans are turning to CBD as an aid to help with common issues such as sleep and pain. People have been taking CBD as a tincture or capsule (check UK’s best CBD brand here) but the growth of the CBD industry has now brought flowers into the market.

CBD flowers are different from marijuana (even though they can look the same). These hemp plants are grown specifically with high CBD but with low THC . More and more American farmers are now growing this specific type of hemp plant because of the demand. They can look almost identical but cannabis flower is different. CBD flower with trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%) is legal in all 50 states. This is a major advantage compared to the cannabis flower. Having such low THC content means that these CBD flowers are not psychoactive. You do not get “high”.

So the first thing you would look into is the strain of CBD. Depending on the strain, it can give you a variety of different effects. Some strains help with sleep where other strains give you a boost. Most vendors will list the type of effects you should expect to feel after smoking it.

Once you have decided on a strain, now you would investigate what type of terpenes is in the flower. The terpenes gives it an aromatic smell and taste. You can get hints of lavender or citrus depending on the terpenes that is on the CBD flower.

The next thing to consider is how to smoke the CBD flower. These are 3 popular ways to smoke CBD:

  1. Smoking it with a pipe – like smoking cannabis, you can add the CBD flower to any pipe to smoke it. While this way is one of the easiest methods, it might be too harsh for some people.
  2. Using it in a preroll – Prerolls are now slowly gaining in popularity. You will need to buy cones and pack it. They are a bit larger than a joint depending on the cone size.
  3. CBD cigarette – This is probably the easiest way to smoke CBD. CBD flower or hemp is packed into a cigarette. You smoke it like you smoke a normal cigarette. These come with a traditional cigarette filter to help with the harshness.

No matter what device or method you use, you must also consider the smell of CBD. Unfortunately CBD still smells like cannabis. Some CBD smell less than others. Some vendors filter their products to reduce the smell. Please keep this in mind as some people are sensitive to the matter.

So will you actually get high? No, CBD is not known to get you high. CBD can help with a variety of issues. For some, people feel relaxed, less stressed and sleepy. Some users do feel a slight high but nowhere near the intensity like THC. It does take time for CBD to build up in your body. It might take a few days before you actually feel the effects of CBD. This depends on your system.