Compare Text With Original File Before Submitting Your Work to Boss

We believe in the uniqueness that is why Prepostseo always tries to launch something which is very different and helpful for our users. We let anyone sitting on any part of the world to compare the text with original files before submitting the work to the boss.

The process is simple, the two documents can be of very different format. Doesn’t matter. But, Prepost Seo will be able to let its users know the level of plagiarism and duplication carried out deliberately or accidentally.

Sometimes you might need to submit the thesis in a one-week time, so you need to do research as soon as possible. When you work hastily there are chances of your research being copied from other sources. Our tool will save your work from being blacklisted and getting rejected

All the material which is officially brought on the paper is protected by international law. The law protects it by introducing intellectual property rights. Moreover, the trademarks, copyrights, and patents, make the people get recognized and whatever they design, make, invent, create can also benefit them monetarily.

Intellectual property rights restrict them from being copied by someone else. In case of the material being copied by someone means a strict action can be taken against the perpetrator by the victim of it. Consequently, the tool promotes originality and innovation. For example, the invention of the ‘theory of relativity’ by Albert Einstein cannot be copied by any other scientist because it has been protected from the vulnerabilities.

The concept of intellectual property in China made the Government of China design its domestic law accordingly. Seven crimes have been recommended in China for plagiarism and duplicity. It not only includes the copying of research material, data theft but also includes the ideas of the business.

The criminals are given extreme punishments for perpetrating these crimes. In the interim monetary penalties are imposed as extra punishments for all of those seven crimes. The domestic law in China has strict punishments compared to other countries. One can realize the importance of being new and creative. We shared with you example of China to let you know how troublesome it would be if you do not make use of our comparing tool.

The website is very easy to use. All you need to do after opening the website is to type, paste, copy, and attach on the first box and write, past and attach in the second box as well. You can type if the data has not been written in the word file. Otherwise, you can also attach if the data is in the PDF file. You are allowed to do whatever seems convenient to you. Then, with the help of Preposteo plagiarism checker the user can get an idea of data and material being rephrased, copied, reworded, altered, amended and paraphrased. As a result of comparing the two different documents, the most evident advantage of using this file is that you can figure out the resemblances, correspondences, and contrasts between the different kinds of texts.

The managers and people of higher authorities in the workplaces are of different kinds of mentalities. They can be friendly, strict, soft-hearted, and furious. In all the cases an employee does not need to take the boss for granted. Otherwise, the job of an employee will be in trouble. It is very good that an employee is asked to give some contribution to the business. But, it is a huge responsibility as well.

You need to make sure whatever idea you are giving can bring your business to the top level. However, the idea can ruin and destroy the reputation of the business. In all these cases you need to search multiple files, folders, material to look for a better idea and then you generate your idea.

You need to be careful of the fact that your work is totally free from plagiarism. Thus, you have to see if it’s matching with all those texts from which you have taken help. Then, you can naturally decipher the differences and sameness in the texts.

There may be many similarities but, it is not an issue. Since Prepost Seo has assisted you in highlighting the text which is similar to the text of others. Then, you can bring changes to it.

We give you free of cost service. There are many research paper by the multinationals written from which you can take some help. As the birth of newer idea only happens when you consider already developed ideas.

An employee in a marketing firm often takes help from multiple documents. When you are finally ready with an idea what you need to do is just attach your files of different formats, for example, they can be of .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt, etc. Or you can directly type the URL from which you have taken suggestions and recommendation.

You have another option that is to paste or type the text with your bare hands. Furthermore, we also give you an option to attach the files from the outbound sources, such as Dropbox, GoogleDocs, and OneDrive.

We have already explained to you the basic details of how our tool works. Once you open the website each and everything is self-explanatory. There are two boxes one says ‘First Value’ and the other one says, ‘Second Value’.

You put your data which you want to compare in those boxes. The last and easy part is to click on the button which reads ‘Compare’. As a result, the process will start and the two texts will be compared. It is so helpful that it will even inform you about the place where the text has been paraphrased.

So, that you can make changes to it. For office workers, it is very important to earn and maintain their reputation. An element of duplicity can lead to blemish in the career of a person. No one will ever trust a person when he or she is caught of copying someone’s idea irrespective of the fact that a person has committed plagiarism by mistake.