Discover The Trending Education Jobs Worldwide

Establishing a career in today’s trying times is not a walk in the park. Global businesses are doing all that is in their power to keep things rolling even though the Novel Coronavirus has put the whole world to a halt. Companies have found new and exclusive ways to make sure that they stay relevant during this torrid time. The field of education is also evolving amid this massive shift. Similarly, different education-sector jobs have come into the limelight and attracted an increased number of job aspirants pursuing them.

Let’s have a look at some of these jobs that are trending worldwide. All these jobs require an associate degree or higher, so get ready to learn more and achieve more. The following positions allow you to earn a decent salary, grow as an asset to the society, and skills along the way. So, let’s get the ball rolling.


If you want to be at the helm of affairs at an educational setup, you should choose a career as a Chief Academic Officer. These officials are generally directors of education responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating programs at several secondary schools. As a Chief Academic Officer, you can earn as much as $117,000 annually. From researching and creating academic courses, they get a task to monitor their progress at different institutions. They get feedback from faculty members and students to make suitable amendments to the course material.


The principal’s role at an elementary, middle, or high school would require you to take charge of all the administrative affairs. For many, it is the peak of success in their professional career as an educator. Generally, you earn $95,000 a year as a principal of a school or college. You act as a manager of an educational institute and take responsibility for everything that happens there. A principal is a part of everything at an institute, from development to implementation and educational policies execution. They are also in charge of the hiring process of teachers and support staff members.


If conducting research and imparting detail-oriented education excites you, enroll in programs that will help you become a professor. It is yet another rewarding career in this field that enables you to earn around $78,000 a year. As a professor, you can teach students about various fields of study, including history, engineering, economics, technology, linguistics, arts, or music. From planning a lesson to conducting relevant research on the topic, professors are always on top of their game. Developing an advanced understanding in their field is a fundamental requirement of this job, so you will have to continue to study and research to hone your skills. It would help if you had a master’s degree in a particular curriculum or discipline to become a professor.


If you like to serve in the top management of educational setup, you should consider a career as an Assistant Principal. A job as an Assistant Principal allows you to earn around $87,000 a year. Since you become a part of the school’s administrative team, you help the principal achieve the objects besides keeping all stakeholders, including teachers, students, and parents, on the same page. You must have seen assistant principals going about their job at different elementary, middle, and high schools across the United States. Assistant principals tend to keep an eye on the performance of teachers and various academic programs. Moreover, they provide feedback and suggest improvements to teachers and support staff. They also assist principals in handling financial matters.


It is one of the most highly-regarded careers in the field of education. As a librarian, you can earn up to $60,000 a year. Librarians are a crucial part of an educational setup. They manage information and the school’s library. They not only contain a school’s books but are also responsible for managing different technology resources like education applications, online research tools, and inter-library loans. They need to design and monitor various library programs and staff members. They maintain the library’s resources, i.e., books and literature, and help students gain access to the right materials that assist them in their studies. You may start your career with a bachelor’s degree but require a master’s degree to join the top hierarchy.


The job as a School Counselor has gained popularity in the last few decades as more people seek guidance about their studies and careers. It is another rewarding career in education, as you can earn around $56,000 per year as a School Counselor. You can discharge duties at various elementary, middle, and high schools as a counselor and assist students, teachers, parents, and administrators. Apart from studies and career guidance, counselors provide advice for personal and mental health problems.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to seeking a career in the field of education. It is all about helping students, school administrations, providing high-quality education, and whatnot. You can always expect a rewarding career in any of the positions mentioned above by putting in unconditional efforts. Not all professions are as fulfilling as the education sector. Thus make the most of your interest and earn earnestly.