Four Activities That Are Sure To Give You A Creative Boost

Whenever you try to solve a problem, you are bound to get stuck at one step or another. Whether it is at work or school, if you lack the right tools to boost your creative thinking, it can seem impossible to think of a new and innovative idea.

If you are looking for a way to loosen up those creative juices, read on to find the four activities that are sure to boost your imagination no matter the situation.

1. Pick Up An Instrument

Study after study has shown that playing an instrument and putting your skills to the test in music can help you think in new and different ways. Whether you want to play the guitar, piano, or drums, you’ll feel the benefit of music regardless of the instrument.

If you need to buy your instrument of choice but aren’t near a store, online retailers make learning music easy, no matter where you are located in the world. Simply order your instrument of choice at, and then find a teacher who gives lessons online and get started.

You don’t have to be the next Mozart to reap the benefits of working with an instrument. Music allows our brains to think more freely and will help you come up with imaginative solutions.

2. Start From The End

Sometimes when brainstorming new ideas, it’s hard to know how to organize your thoughts into action. If you’re stuck about how to begin a project, switch gears and try thinking about the end result instead.

Let’s say you want to create an app that’s going to be the next big thing. Instead of starting with an app idea, think about the problems you want the app to solve. If you’re working on a new ad campaign, think about the way you want to be perceived, not what you need to do to get there. Soon, all the ideas about how to achieve those goals will start to pour in.

3. Go Back To School

Another way to free up your creative thinking is to step away from the problem and focus on learning a new skill. Whether you check out a coding class or a winetasting workshop, you learn something new and talk to some people who’ve got a different perspective than yours.

One of the main reasons people get stumped is when everyone in the room has the same approach to a problem. When you work inside an echo chamber, it’s hard to farm out new ideas and see if they’re good or not.

Don’t be afraid to learn a new skill that’s outside your bubble. You’ll see how other people think and approach a problem, which is an incredibly valuable thing.

4. Jump In The Shower

Lastly, if you’re really stuck on a problem, just walk away from it and try jumping in the shower. For so many people, a shower is a place where new ideas pop up.

The shower is not a magical tool, though; it’s just that when you’re relaxed, your brain thinks in new ways. Trying intensely to solve a problem can be a good thing, but when you hit a wall, sometimes you just need to walk away or even grab a coffee. Give yourself time to let the idea come through.

In The End

Creative thinking does not have to be a huge obstacle to overcome; you just need the right tools to get yourself brainstorming.

There are tons of activities you can do to boost your creative output. Cut yourself some slack now and then, give yourself credit when it’s due, and try out our fun and creative solutions when you’ve got your own writer’s block.