Tips For Getting Over Jetlag

If you often suffer from jetlag when traveling, there are a number of tips that you can use to overcome this. These tips will help you before, during and after your flight.

Relax Your Schedule

When you know how to prepare for a long-haul flight, you will be able to start your holiday feeling fresh instead of fatigued. If you have a rigid schedule when you are at home, you should look at relaxing this in the days leading up to your flight. When you have a strict routine for eating and sleeping, you will have a harder time adjusting to a new time zone. However, if you are more flexible about these points, you will be able to start your trip with greater ease.

Get A Good Night’s Rest Before Flying

There are a lot of people who only sleep for a few hours before they get a long-haul flight. This could be due to excitement for the trip or in an effort to try and tire yourself to sleep on the flight. This is actually something that you should avoid. This is a last minute change to your routine and it will only make it harder to get used to the new time zone. Getting a good night’s sleep before your flight will also leave your body better equipped to tackle jetlag.

Avoid Arriving At Night

If you can, you should look for flights that arrive during the day. This will make it easier for you to stay awake because you will be tempted to get out and explore a bit. There is another more extreme solution that you can look at.

This is to only travel to places that are within the same time zone as the one you are leaving. There are generally more destinations than you might imagine, but they might not all be ones that you actually want to visit.

Be Plane Savvy

You do not have to be a dedicated plane spotter to know that the A380 and A350 are two of the best places for people who want to beat jetlag. These planes have high-tech humidification systems that help the air retain its moisture. They also have LED lighting systems that have the capability of creating 16.7 million shades of color which will mimic the natural phases of the day which helps you fight jetlag. There is also an air purification system that renews the air every 2 minutes.


Meditation can be a great addition and something that can really help you limit the amount of jetlag you suffer according to London Meditation. There are numerous physiological and psychological reasons for this – so do it.

Split The Trip

You should try and have a stopover when you plan your trip. This gives your body more time to adapt to a new routine. Doing this will also slash the price of the trip which is always a perk.

Avoid The Bar

While it is tempting to start your holiday with a pre-flight drink, alcohol and flying do not actually mix well. The effects of alcohol when flying include an increase in fatigue and dehydration. This will increase the chance of jetlag.

Avoid The Sleeping Pills

There are some people who rely on sleeping pills to see them through a long flight. This is not actually worth it and something you should avoid. These pills do not help you recover from jetlag and will leave you feeling slow when you land. If you need to sleep, you should do this the natural way. Drinking some herbal tea can help with this and you get unlimited hot water on flights.

Say Goodbye To The Coffee

You also need to avoid any caffeine-heavy drinks when you fly such as coffee. This stimulant will affect your ability to sleep and increase the recovery time you need to get over jetlag. You also need to stay hydrated and drinking water instead of these drinks will help you overcome your jetlag.

Set Your Watch

As soon as you get on the plane, you should set your watch to the time of your destination. This will help you psychologically aligned yourself with the time you are going to. However, you should not do this before you get on the pane unless you want to have the strangest reason for missing your flight.

Keep Moving

Moving around and doing exercise will help to keep the blood flowing. You should also do this to avoid DVT which occurs when there is poor circulation. A pair of flight socks will minimize the risk of DVT and improve your circulations. You should not worry that they are not the most fashionable, after all, you are on a flight not at a fashion show.

Eat Correctly

One of the most extreme tips will be to have three meals a day in line with your new time zone. This could be something as simple as having cereal at 11 Pm to get you used to a new breakfast time.