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Herbalife Nutrition Clubs Offers Community-based Nutrition Centers

girl in white and black stripe long sleeve shirt holding orange plastic cupThe power of community can be incredibly strong, especially when offering guidance, support, and encouragement for community individuals trying to establish and follow healthy lifestyles. For Herbalife Nutrition Clubs, their purpose is to provide affordable and convenient places for the community to gather around nutrition, wellness, and fitness. The community-based format allows people to cultivate interpersonal relationships, whether that’s making friends or accountability partners to sign up together for a weight loss challenge.

Several studies have pointed to interpersonal relationships and social contact benefits for optimum physical and mental health. A single healthy relationship can boost self-esteem, confidence, and energy, as well as helping lower stress, blood pressure, and depression. Individuals who find it hard to establish a healthy lifestyle tend to benefit the most from community support. These individuals can turn to Herbalife Nutrition Clubs when they need help.

History of Herbalife Nutrition Club

Herbalife Nutrition is one of the world’s leading nutritional supplements companies with a product line that includes meal replacements, protein shakes, tea, aloe drinks, sports nutrition products, and more. With sales in more than 90 countries, Herbalife has a wide network of independent distributors.

It was two independent distributors who established the first Nutrition Club in Mexico in 2004. In the town they were in, there was a severe lack of affordable healthy food options, or places where individuals could come together to support each other in their fitness goals.

The distributors recognized a lack of community-based health centers in the region and decided to launch the first-ever Herbalife Nutritional Club. Members could buy a healthy breakfast on their way to work, or an afternoon pick-me-up that’s nutritious and low in calories. The members also had access to fitness classes at a more affordable price than paying for a fitness instructor or typical fitness classes at the gym. They formed a close, tight-knit community and engaged in weight loss challenges and regular exercise routines as a group. The concept of Herbalife Nutrition Clubs became extremely successful, and there are now more than 75,000 such centers around the world.

An Oasis for Food Deserts

A study by JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) in 2016 highlighted the disparity in the health and wellness of people from different income groups. People who belong to a higher income bracket were shown to make healthier choices in diet and exercise while having access to better healthcare facilities.

People in lower-income groups were also more commonly located in “food deserts,” which are areas that do not have good access to supermarkets to buy healthy food. People living in food deserts rely on fast-food restaurants and processed food products. Herbalife Nutritional Clubs in these food deserts offer the community affordable access to healthy food and fitness classes. The operators of these clubs are like coaches for members, guiding them on different aspects of healthy lifestyles.

Important of Social Support in Health

Relationships formed at Herbalife Nutritional Clubs cannot be replicated over the internet, even with all the high-tech solutions available in the modern age. The in-person component of Herbalife Nutrition Clubs is one of the key elements of the success of these clubs. Following a healthy lifestyle is more than just ordering nutritional products or watching fitness instruction videos online. There is a need for guidance on using the products, finding accountability partners, and staying on track to reach your weight loss or fitness goals. One of the great advantages of the in-person format is that each member can get personalized attention, as nutrition and fitness plan requirements differ from one person to the next. At Herbalife Nutrition Clubs, independent distributors serve as coaches to their customers, motivating them to pursue a healthy, active lifestyle.