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How to Become an Optimist

orange and white ceramic mug near green leaf plant with brown pottedHas anyone told you that you need to look on the brighter side of things? Do you catch yourself running through all of the worst options before you pause to think of anything good? This type of negative thinking can have a negative effect on your life and make others around you unhappy as well.

Instead of wallowing in the anxiety of the negatives: here’s how to become an optimist.

Clear Preconceptions of Others

Sometimes we let ourselves become harmful over time, and that negative gets pushed off onto how we picture and interact with other people. Do you catch yourself having negative thoughts about people, even if you don’t know them, that are hurtful or mean? A large part of learning to become an optimist is learning to let go of your doubts about other people. Sure, you wouldn’t buy any Indianapolis houses for sale without looking inside: but why assume the inside of every home is wrecked?

Let go of these negative preconceptions, and let people show you who they are.

Make Efforts to Do More Positive Things

Sometimes what someone needs when they’re only thinking negatively is to turn it around and make an effort to do positive things for other people. This could mean taking the time out of your day to do one big nice thing for someone else, or it could be that you spread it out through your day as a lot of small nice things.

People will show their better side around you because of this behavior and want to do the same. You don’t have to overhaul your whole life; do things like holding doors for others, offering your seat, providing help to those who need it, and dropping polite compliments to people randomly. Those around you will notice the change more quickly than you expect.

Avoid Spending Too Much Time On The News

Negativity sells. People are far more likely to click into an article about a celebrity scandal than they are to click into an article about a celebrity celebration. Because of this, the news cycles can make things seem doom and gloom, even if you’re relatively safe. If you need to check the news, set a time for yourself so that you don’t spend too long on it, and pad this with other things you like to do so it doesn’t ruin your mood.

Correct Your Line of Thought As It Happens

Be more conscious about your line of thought and how you get to negativity. If you get more damaging when you’re bored, find ways to keep yourself busy. This habit is one you probably formed throughout your entire life, so it’s not as easy as wishing it over. Journaling can help you see the brighter side of the day you just went through. You can still be honest about the bad things that happened, but you should try to list two good things for every negative thing you experienced, even if the good thing is just that you liked the weather.

Optimism is a powerful way to live; it allows you to see the world in a more welcoming way. Trying to push to be positive is one of the most fantastic things someone can do.