How to develop new skills (and stick to them)

Life is a journey full of opportunities for learning.

However, as most of us know, learning and self-development become a lot harder as we grow up. Our lives get busier, we have different priorities and maybe even kids of our own. Finding the time to pick up a new skill or hobby can seem difficult. But it doesn’t have to be. By using time management and planning, you can easily follow your interests and become proficient in something new.

In this article, we’ve compiled tips and inspiration on how to learn a new skill and keep it for life:


Ever dreamt of becoming a musician? Or would you simply love to learn to play an instrument? Music in whatever form is one of the most sought after skills, but sometimes you might be put off by the cost of equipment or the time needed to master it. Take piano. You can either learn it on a traditional piano or a digital keyboard. What’s great is that the best digital piano won’t cost you half your rent as prices have come down. If you don’t have the resources to buy your own piano, see if you can borrow from a friend or check your local community center, which may have one available.

Start by familiarising yourself with the 88-keys, and practicing easy scales and chords. You can get simple instructions online and on YouTube. Then you can begin learning sheet music or let yourself play by ear. Whichever way you choose, set aside at least 1-hour every week to practice. Before long, you will have picked up a new skill playing an instrument you love. The best part is that by learning one instrument, such as piano, it’s easier to learn other instruments too!

Outdoor Activities

Getting outside will do wonders for both your body and your mind. If you’re looking to pick up a new skill in an outdoor activity, there are plenty to choose from. You might like to sign up to dance classes, join a local sports team or even learn to run.

Another great idea is mountain biking. This fun and fast-paced activity requires skill, but it isn’t just reserved for adrenaline junkies. With the right equipment, you can practice mountain biking anywhere off the beaten track. You can either choose a conventional mountain bike or go electric. Electric bikes or e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular, and there are plenty of reasons why! These smart vehicles are not only equipped with powerful batteries that will let you ride longer and faster, but they look almost identical to any modern traditional bike. To figure out which electric bike is the best fit for you, be sure to read e bike reviews before you buy.

Once you’ve got your wheels, helmet and safety gear, getting into mountain biking is easier than you think. Start with easy rides of not more than 2-hours and stick to trails that have low hill gradients. Try going out for a ride once a week. As soon as you start feeling comfortable with your bike, you’ll naturally start wanting to conquer more difficult routes.


If you’re big into computers and curious about how to build websites and edit images, learning coding will change your life. This extremely complicated digital field can be easily mastered as long as you take it step by step. A great tip is to look on your App Store to find an app that teaches coding basics using fun games and tutorials. If you fall in love with this skill you can even make a career or it or offer your services part time to earn an extra income.

No matter what skill you decide to pursue, always remain patient and take the time to learn step by step. By taking things gradually, you will be more likely to keep your skill for decades to come.