ThinkWave: The Wave Of The Educational Future – Can It Help Our Failing Educational System

This may be a rather crude statement, but our school are facing our students and in a sense dooming our future generation. School across America have slowly been denigrating over the years.

This is evident when compared to the rest of the world in regards to academics (specifically science, math, and technology). It is genuine that our educational system is failing our students.

Moreover, this is more the reason that creating a school, management system which can help to facilitate a much easier way to manage education, teacher, students, and interaction with patents is a necessity.

Thinkwave is a school management system that can do this. However, before you decide to integrate this system into, your school cycle here are a few things you need to and should try to keep in your mind about the educational system and see what you need to overcome in your pursuit in providing better education?

Reasons Our Educational System Is Failing

# 1 – Parents Are Not Involved

This is perhaps without a doubt one of the significant reasons education has really suffered. Parents have not been involved in their children education, and as a result, much of their children education and ways fo thinking is thirsty upon a teacher.

Yes, a teacher’s job is to educate a child, but a Parents job is also to teach their children. The idea of giving one person all the responsibility to teach over hundreds of for kids is a ludicrous concept, but something at our society has allowed merely happening.

Parents really need to be much more involved with their child’s learning.

Solution: Thinkwave allows parents and teacher to communicate much more effectively, and as a result, they will be able to see what their children are learning. How their children are doing in a class, and if they are going to class or not. It helps in giving more clarity and transparency. Even better it gives that connection between parent, student, and teacher.

# 2 – Schools Are Shutting Down

Many schools across the country are shutting down. This is leaving many kids without a place to higher their education. Budgets, poor neighborhoods and a lack of interest are also major thriving points that have led to many schools having to shut down.

Solution: Neighborhoods have to start prioritizing what is important. Children are the future, and we say this not as some mellifluous jargon but because it is the truth.

# 3 – Schools Are Overcrowded

This dramatically compliments our first point. Teachers are being flooded in class with TOO MANY STUDENTS. The quality of education and learning suffer as a result.

Solution: It is relatively apparent act teachers need s system where they can among better the education of their students. Thinkwave makes it much easier for teachers to abut out the courses plan and have their students see the cure outline and then take action to complete this assignment. Furthermore, it allows parents also to see hat their children are learning and IF their children are even taking the class.

# 4 – Lack Of Diverse Ideas

What made this country (America) so great was the idea of innovation. In Carol Dweck “Mindset” book she talked about how the school system does it teach kids to innovate but to follow and be told what to think and say blindly.

Solution: It is so important to get students to think for themselves. It is important to have children develop the mindset of thinking critically. Teachers who reward students for questioning them should not be shunned but should be applauded for daring to think for themselves.

# 5 – Lack Of Innovation

The educational system is lagging behind in being innovative in their teaching methodologies. Teachers have been using and following a same failed way of teaching students for well over a hundred years till now.

Solution: Switch up the teaching styles and incorporate a new teaching method.

What is Thinkwave?

Thinkwave is a school management system which offers the school system a much easier way to manage all the school requirements. From a grading test to assigning a task to keep track of attendance, to watching the schools budget and there is so much more.

Teacher love it for how much easier it is to assign and grade assignments. Parents love it because of how they are able to see what their kids are learning. The staff loves it because the can track theirs has and pay. Students love it because hey can get their assignments done much quicker.

User Reviews

Here are just a few things people are saying about this system:

“We have gained a considerable amount of time due to Thinkwave. Before using Thinkwave, we were strenuously and arduously recording all our records MANUALLY. You can imagine the time that was lost. A host of records such transcripts, grades, attendance and so much more can be completed as well as printed with a few clicks. This saves us money and more importantly TIME.” – Matthew L. Henry

“The lesson planning process becomes easier. I can easily check and share students progress. Lesson planning has never been that easy! Excellent for keeping track of students’ performance. A nice tool to make the teacher’s job more enjoyable.” – Benito Marcano Yamarthe

“Being able to show my students exactly what they need to do to pull them up to their desired grade is fantastic. Knowing instantly what a student’s work has done for them and showing the student is a great motivator. Showing parents who complain about their student’s grades is great too; there’s no ambiguity, the numbers are there. The weighting and bonus grades allow some flexibility to reward students who make that extra effort.” – George Christie

Take Your Educational System To The Next Level

If you want the absolute best school management system then look no further beaus Thinkwave will take your educational system to the next level and far beyond that.

Connect with parents and students on a level that has never been experienced before; because children are indeed the future and giving them the power to think for themselves is so better for creating a better tomorrow.