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Improve Your Business By Using White Glove Logistics

person giving brown boxWhen people think about the delivery guy, then think about a guy in a truck who makes his best effort to get your goods to you on time and we assume that all other services are similar to this. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and there are specialist deliveries called white glove delivery, and they are on a completely different level from the others. The main thing that helps white glove delivery stand out from the rest is that there are at least two persons taking care of the delivery and so it’s double the effort getting the item to its final destination. The thinking behind white glove delivery is the provision of the best customer service possible and also handling items that can be quite technical and very expensive. These particular items need due care and attention and white glove delivery provides those in spades.

When you deal with TecDis, you get the service that is second to none and the delivery service just doesn’t involve getting the item safely from A to B, it also involves installing it and taking away any old equipment, if that is what the customer wants. This particular service is popular with those that specialise in information technology equipment and items that have to be specially calibrated for use. Entities like hospitals and factories use white glove logistics because their equipment is so important and so it has to be handled by the right people. These are only a couple of the benefits for using white glove logistics and there are many more. Let’s explore some of them here today.

Better customer service

It is important that every customer finishes the transaction with a positive experience about everything and that includes the product that they just purchased in the delivery of it as well. The wonderful thing about white glove logistics is that everything arrives when they say it will and arrives at its destination in proper working condition. As mentioned briefly before, part of the service is that the equipment can be installed and all of the old packaging can be taken away. Basically when they provide you with the service, they are in and out quickly and efficiently and it’s like they weren’t there at all. They have heavy haulage truck drivers as well on their work force.

Lower returns

If your business left up to the customer to organise their own delivery service and to set up the equipment by themselves, you would end up being out of pocket because it’s very likely that they would damage the items in transit. They have all of the right equipment to do the job properly and this means that there will be law returns to your store, if any. Clearly the customer wants an item to be delivered intact and in good working order and so when it happens, the customers happy and your business benefits. If you have any other questions about logistics, please have a look here.

You may think that the hard part is selling the item in the first place, but that’s only the beginning. The most important part is getting the sold item to its final destination and this is where many logistics companies run into problems. This is why you should always hire a white glove service to give you the peace of mind that you need.