Generosity Without Borders: Supporting Other Nations During COVID-19

Upon reflection, 2020 was the greatest challenge we have ever faced. Since then, there have been constant lockdowns, shutdowns and even border closures in every country around the world. As the pandemic engulfs the world, the worst part is that we are being pulled away from our loved ones and we can only watch them from a safe distance without any contact.

Apart from isolating us from our loved ones, the pandemic has had severe financial consequences for many people and economies. The strain on health care systems has also affected many people’s lives. Some developing countries have been left to deal with these issues without any aid or support from other nations. Even with COVID-19 cases recently resurging, there are ways we can all huddle together and put aside our differences by offering a helping hand to others.


There’s no such thing as a “perfect society”. There will always be people out there who are in need of help. You might be frustrated and feel that you are unable to do anything to help people in developing countries struggling to deal with COVID-19. These people may greatly rely upon national and local charities, such as an Indian coronavirus charity, for assistance.

Of course, it can sometimes be a challenge to donate, especially when money is tight in our current situation. If you are one of the lucky ones who have extra funds, why not try to make a difference during this ongoing pandemic? But be sure to do your homework so you can be certain that your donation will go to those who need it.

Bring Out Your Skills

If you have some extra time on your hands while being stuck at home during the pandemic, why not consider using those talents of yours to help others? Many hospitals and healthcare centres are facing shortages of protective equipment like masks, so get those magical fingers of yours to work! You could donate some of your fabulous handmade masks to help out front line workers.

Apart from making masks, why not offer your spare bedroom or couch to a friend who might be down on their luck or sleeping rough because of the pandemic or was forced to leave their rental home due to financial issues. It also helps protect them from the risk of contracting COVID-19 as they forego basic amenities.

Help Vulnerable Groups

Another great way to offer a helping hand is to consider vulnerable people who may include the elderly, the disabled or families struggling on a low income. Start by checking in on them. If you have an elderly neighbour who was told to stay home as much as possible, you can help by offering to pick up their groceries or prescriptions. You can leave their bags right outside their door to maintain a safe distance, if necessary.

As people’s work hours have been drastically reduced due to the pandemic, it can be a struggle for many of them to provide a hearty meal for their families. If you have managed to master some culinary skills during the lockdown, why not consider preparing meals to help low-income families and other people in need.

Provide Mental Health Support

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced many people to quarantine in their own homes to prevent the spread of the infectious disease. To those in quarantine, it can be wonderful to receive a boost of emotional support from someone who cares. Try reaching out to the people you know are doing it tough, such as neighbours, friends, families and even your co-workers. Help them express their concerns by talking with them and addressing the bad news that now floods the media, such as the economy, travel bans and worst of all, the confronting death tolls.

You never know—it might have a positive impact on those who are suffering from anxiety, stress or depression. Besides, it may also help them and yourself to feel less alone and may remind them that there is someone out there thinking of them.

Helping others in our community regardless of our differences is one of the best ways to be of service during the pandemic. After all, you are not only helping others—you will also be helping yourself. Think about it—doesn’t it feel good to help put a smile on someone’s face who really needs it?