How has the IoT improved Staff Productivity?

A productive workforce is something all businesses aspire to achieve. There are just so many approaches and tried and tested methods out there, its certainly a challenge to know which will get the most effective results – employee engagement, training and development, reward and recognition, empowering leadership.

The internet of things is not necessarily the obvious area a company might focus on for improving their staffs productivity. Yet, the IoT holds so much untapped potential, you’d be daft to not utilise it!

For many, the IoT is big, scary and difficult to understand. However, once businesses understand the potential benefits, its only a matter of time before smart offices are as common as the mobile phone is!

So, HOW exactly has the IoT improved employee productivity?

Productivity Tracking

Firstly, it can be challenging to manage productivity without easy access to statistics. Thanks to the internet of things there are a wide range of online productivity trackers which can make a huge difference in the ability to clearly track progress towards goals.

Remote Access

Gone are the days when being unable to get into the office would equal a day off! The IoT enables us to work easily from almost anywhere – the train, home, abroad. This is particularly useful for staff who travel as part of their roles or field-based employees, it means their travel time can be used effectively and a meeting a few hours away no longer takes that staff member out for the entirety of the day.

Work/Life Balance

Being able have a balance between our work lives and our personal lives is an important aspect to a ‘happy’ workforce and plays a big part in staff productivity. Having the flexibility that remote working provides is made much easier when you’re able to easily access everything you need at the touch of a button. Being able to allow staff the opportunity to have a work from home day, particularly for commuters, is something that is prized and appreciated by employees.

Improved Travel Times

Similarly, journeys are made significantly easier for commuters and corporate travellers. With a plethora of technology to such as real-time traffic, travel times can be reduced which in turn can potentially reduce stress. After all, it said that how well we start our day can have a huge impact on how the rest of our day turns out.

Increased Collaboration

Being able to easily connect and communicate with our colleagues through such diverse means can do wonders for a staff members productivity. The IoT provides a whole host of possibilities and these continue to grow on a daily basis. Not being restricted by location and access instantly expands the potential to network and collaborate across a wider range of individuals and industries.

Time Efficient

Effective organisation and time management are challenges which most staff will admit to struggling with at some point. Whilst it may appear to be a ‘people’ and ‘training problem on the surface, the right technology might just be the support these employees need to keep them on track. Tech devices can be of great benefit to support employees in managing their work schedules, tasks, projects and goals. Ultimately, this has the potential to increase efficiency for even the most disorganised staff member!


Let’s face it, when somethings easier to undertake, it causes us less stress. With IoT enabled devices streamlining some historically laborious, time consuming or tedious tasks – such as smart scheduling for meeting rooms – can make certain tasks quicker and more enjoyable in general!

And this is just what’s available now! With new IoT ideas being created every day, imagine the potential for future staff productivity – for example smart furniture has huge potential for office comfort and therefore productivity!