Is A Life Coach Worth The Investment?

With so many free articles online and videos on YouTube, some people are beginning to question whether or not a life coach is actually worth the money. While they are not as expensive as many consultants who can charge upwards of $500 an hour, on the average, coaches can range between $75 to $150 per hour which is still not cheap.

In a recent article from the Chicago Tribune, they surveyed a handful of coaches on the matter and here is what Julie Melilo from New York said on the subject:

“A good coach is always worth the investment, because they can help you move past roadblocks to faster success, which will pay off. Otherwise it’s easy to let months and years pass by idling away and lacking clarity on what you should do next. However, a not-so-good coach will be a waste of money and could also set a client back.”

Just like any doctor or plumber you hire, of course its all a matter of finding a life coach that not only has the right training, but also the right personality that meets your needs.

“Not every coach is going to be the right fit for your personality even though they may have all the proper training and skills that you need” says Dan Miller, one of the co-founders of The Coaching Institute. “While there are many aspects of coaching that are pure mechanics, a lot of it has to do with your personality and how you mesh with the coach because you will be dealing with many intimate issues that are similar to working with a therapist or counselor.”

So when asked if coaching is really worth it, here is what one recent client had to say:

“I feel that a coach is worthwhile, especially if you find a good coach. What is the point of being unhappy in your job, where you presumably spend much of your time? My life coach led me to a very successful career as a consultant during those transitional years and then helped me re-purpose my skill set for my current field — higher education. I work hard now, but I don’t travel 60 percent of the time, and the environment is much more collegial and flexible.”

This is where a coach can be very worthwhile for those willing to invest the time and money because all too often people get stuck in a job that they hate and never take the time to re-think how they are approaching their life and career strategy. So while a coach can be a bit pricey, you must consider it a small investment to make in yourself if you truly want to create a life that you can feel good about.

“It’s sad that people are not willing to invest in themselves” says Mr. Miller. “So many people go about their daily lives doing things they don’t want to be doing because they are not willing to spend the money on themselves yet they will spend it on frivolous items to bring them short spurts of joy.”