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Law of Attraction for Effective Weight Loss

blue and white i love you round plateThe Law of Attraction works wonders when applied to resolve some of the most aggravating issues like weight loss. A human being is not just a physical body living at the mercy of the outside circumstances but is comprehensive of his thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The mind is a hub of creation, subject to the Law of Attraction and your body and health are an expression of your mental perception.

When your fears of putting on extra weight and looking ungainly obsess your mind, you actually start gaining those extra pounds. But when you use your conscious-awareness to concentrate on health and weight loss you can reverse the unfavourable circumstances to perfection and experience greater joy and well-being in every aspect of your life.

How to Use Law of Attraction for Weight Loss

Fears, doubts, and thoughts of pessimism are barricades to manifesting favourable situations. Replace all self-sabotaging thoughts with those that enhance your self-esteem and bring joy in your life.

You are a creation of purity and perfection; the imperfections are simply the reflection of a mind that is thrown out of sync with the Universal Mind. An unruly mind invariably invites adversities in all areas of your life.

Moreover, each time you compare yourself with others you are magnifying your imperfections and degrading yourself much to your anguish and frustration, urging the Law of Attraction to confirm your shortcomings. All the beauty and perfection that you see in others is within you, waiting to be discovered. And this you can realize only when you shift your focus inward.

According to Abundance Advice, each time you compare yourself with others you are magnifying your imperfections and degrading yourself much to your anguish and frustration, urging the Law of Attraction to confirm your shortcomings.

Every cell, atom and molecule of your being is in direct connection with your mind and has the intelligence to respond in obedience to your thoughts and feelings.

The basic principle of the Law of Attraction with respect to weight loss is: you are what you think. What you focus on is what you manifest.

If you see yourself as fat and ugly your body will simply comply with your thoughts and feelings, and promptly work towards adding extra pounds to it.

Therefore, when you desire to lose weight you need to think slim; think healthy; think beautiful and you will create a beautiful, slim, healthy body.

Whenever you stand before the mirror, don’t focus on your weight and outer appearances. Instead, look right through your physical imperfections and perceive that inner you which is ever so attractive, slender and smart. Feel the joy and love for this beautiful inner-self and your body will promptly comply with your upbeat feelings.

Faith and conviction are the key factors to manifestation.

The Law of Attraction for weight loss demands that you treat your body with tender love and care, just as you would a small child.

Feed it with the right foods and adorn it with clothes and accessories that make you feel good.

Love your body the way it is; love yourself for who you are. The love and respect for self will demand the love and respect from others.

Exercise your body with moderate workouts, drink loads of fresh water and get adequate rest.

Visualize yourself looking slim and gorgeous. See your body lean and strong… your skin glowing with radiant health….

See yourself dealing with life-situations with greater self-confidence and self-dignity.

Practice gratitude for everything in your life and you’ll realize you have so much to be grateful for in life.

Most importantly, bless every part of your body regardless of your shape and size.

Accompany your visualization with affirmations. Positive affirmations work in conjunction with the Law of Attraction and act as power-boosters to help quicken the process of manifestation towards losing weight effectively.

The magic is in the mind. Give your mind the right direction and you will set the momentum for the Law of Attraction to work speedily in your favour towards weight loss.

Final Thoughts:

The rudiments of the Law of Attraction for weight loss are:

You become what you think and believe

You attract what you intend and feel

You manifest what you envision.

When your thoughts and emotions are in perfect alignment with the Universe miracles happen. Therefore, use your mind constructively and lose weight in a happy, healthful way. Exercise constant vigilance on your mental activities, especially when your mind is resting in an idle mode. Your conscious-awareness acts as a sentry, preventing dark thoughts from infiltrating in your mind.

All in all, the Law of Attraction is a mighty asset for weight loss. Avail of it with your conscious-awareness for your ultimate well-being, health and prosperity.