man in white crew neck t-shirt using black laptop computer

Tips for taking online tests during COVID19

man in white crew neck t-shirt using black laptop computerWith the pandemic raging across the world most if not all students are currently learning at home meaning that they are attending online classes and taking online tests and quizzes.  There are a lot of things that have made this a challenge.  We have tried to put together a comprehensive list of challenges and suggestions to help you through them.

The first challenge for all students might be a new one and that is running into their first real set of IT problems.  From operating systems to apps crashing to being unable to upload files and bad wifi students are going to running into these challenges on nearly a daily basis.  That being said we think it’s important the students learn to deal with these challenges as they will be part of the working world very soon upon graduation and they are not going away anytime soon.  So if your son or daughter is frustrated with their IT try to encourage them to treat it as a learning experience as opposed to catapulting there laptop off the balcony into the neighbours yard at a velocity they were unable to calculate on their physics midterm.

Believe it or not the second great challenge for students is the lack of socialization.  Most of them feel more isolated and the team spirit and camaraderie of hanging out in class and harmonizing with each other is gone.  So be sure to encourage as much online socialization as possible.  Voice chats, online gaming, video chats whatever you can to keep them connected and having fun during this pandemic.

The next challenge is the real meat and potatoes of school which is the academic challenges.  Teachers are super busy now and really don’t have any extra time to help students out and it is also hard and embarrassing for most kids to ask their teachers for extra help as it makes them feel like a charity case.  For this reason, we recommend getting a tutor.  Let’s face it we graduated a few years ago and none of the information is fresh in our minds and just perhaps we are old enough to have had a bunch of things change completely since when we learned it.  So parents don’t stress yourself you.  There are plenty of great places to find a tutor and get your son or daughter help with math.

The other thing we recommend is that students get used to using a calendar app of some sort and refer to it on regular basis.  Most students desperately need to learn some time management skills and what better time to do so than the present.  Be sure to encourage them to enter in focused times for study as well as when they plan on socializing with their friends online.  This will make them happier to know that from 4-5pm they are playing Fortnite with their friends and they can coordinate their social calendars as well.

Now that you have the help you need the last thing students need to do is study hard and ask as many questions as possible to your tutor.  During COVID we have come to realize students independent reading comprehension abilities since the learning is mostly reading taking the time to read over their notes and prepare for exams is absolutely vital to being a successful stay at home student.

That being said stay safe, wear a mask, study hard and have as much fun as possible.  If you live in calgary alberta be sure to check here to connect with a great Calgary tutor to get all the help you need.