Put More Money in Your Pocket with Canadian Fulfillment

As an online business owner, I have made a comfortable living finding high-quality overseas products and selling them for a profit here in the USA.

But over the last few years this has become increasingly difficult.

Early into his reign as president, Donald Trump opted to introduce a number of tariffs and duties that targeted goods being imported from overseas. As I am sure you can imagine, this made it noticeably more difficult to turn a profit using my preferred business model.

But then I found a solution — and now you can too.

Which all comes down to Canadian Fulfillment and Section 321.

The Section 321 Classification

You probably know that every single good that passes through American customs first gains a unique classification. More often than not this classification is related to the quality of goods, the type of goods, and who it is being shipped too.

And as you might have guessed, Section 321 is simply one of these classifications — albeit quite an important one.

Any goods that enter the country classified as a Section 321 does so completely free of importation costs. This means that if your goods gain Section 321 classification, you can save a heap of money.

The kicker?

Gaining Section 321 can be easier said than done.

If your goods were to get classified as a Section 321, they must be worth less than 800 USD. And no, to gain this classification, you cannot simply break your shipment up into smaller packages, because even then they would have been made under the same order.

Which is where Canadian Fulfillment comes into the picture.

Saving Money with Canadian Fulfillment

OK, so what is Canadian Fulfillment?

It ultimately describes the process of getting a large order of overseas goods shipped to Canada instead of your business here in the US. They are then held in Canada until you receive an individual order — after which they are shipped off to the customer on your behalf.

While this might sound like a rather roundabout way of doing business, there is a very good reason to take this approach.

See, Canada does not have the same import tariffs as the US does. This means that you can get your goods imported into north america at a much lower cost than you would under normal circumstances.

Oh, and the other positive?

Because your large shipment is broken up into individual orders, each one can gain classification as a Section 321 — completely removing the high importation costs that normally come with this type of business.

It is for this reason that Canadian Fulfillment has become increasingly popular amongst small US businesses over the last few years.

Canadian Fulfillment companies act like a bit of a middleman on your behalf. They receive your shipments from overseas, store them for you, and then send them to your customers under the Section 321 classification — saving you money in the process.

One thing I need to note is that they don’t do this for free.

But, in my experience, the cost of their service is generally much lower than the cost of importation — making the decision to seek help from a Canadian Fulfillment company an easy one.

Just make sure you do your research and find a company that suits your needs and has a good reputation — remember, you want them to have a positive impact on your business and not a negative one.

Closing Remarks

Canadian fulfillment can help put more money in your pocket by getting your imported goods classified as a Section 321, thus removing all import costs.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved as soon as possible.