How to Be a Successful Business Woman and Still Have a Great Family Life

One of the biggest balancing acts that women struggle with when building a business is putting in the required hours without sacrificing family life. You probably know a college or friend who worked very hard to create a successful business, and when she was at the top, she realized that her family had broken down. If you want to create a company but don’t know how to do so while keeping your family afloat, here’s how.

1. Keep business off the dinner table

Learning to switch from your work the moment you walk into your home’s front door is essential for your family. They deserve and crave for your focused attention. It also ensures that the time you spend with them is fruitful. During your home commute, remind yourself that you are about to have some quality time with your family and that you should leave your work behind. Spend your time at home acting as the family woman that your loved ones need.

2. Plan at least one vacation with your family every year

One of the best things you can do for your family is to take a holiday together. During this time, you will unplug from all your work duties and focus on the people you love. If you are starting your business and are cash-strapped, you can look for creative, affordable holiday ideas. After all, your children and spouse do not care about the money you put into the trip, but your presence.

3. Use family as fuel

The people you love can give you the kind of support you crave and need. The momentum you require to run your business ought to come from your family’s love. By depending on your children and spouse, you will have more time to spend together, which will strengthen your relationship.

4. Be physically and mentally stable

A growing business requires physical and mental strength. The process drains a lot of your energy, meaning that you should be physically and mentally strong to handle everything. You are likely to turn into a poor feeder and become moody. So, take time to rest and to practice relaxation activities such as meditation. As long as you are energetic, you can manage all your duties without compromising on your family.

5. Make Extra Money on the Side
We all could use some more money. But often times more money means less time spent with family. That is why making extra money on the side can be a great way to help pay for those extra expenses every month. This can be by creating a side hussle, renting out room in your home, or selling old things online through Etsy or Ebay. Airbnb and Neighbor are awesome ways to take the extra space in your home and make some extra money on them. Neighbor is a company that has you rent out your space in your house to people who need to store their items. How this is done is a person would search storage units near me will yield results of places you can use to store items instead of paying for a storage unit. This is an awesome way to make some extra cash on the side.

6. Attend your children’s special events

Whether your kids are in their formative years or are about to join college, they need your presence. When your child has a special occasion such as a school play or graduation, make sure you attend. Your time, support and encouragement mean a lot to your children, even more than you may realize.

7. Create appointments for your family in your diary

Family meetings are as important as meeting your business associates. Therefore, you should include the sessions in your journal, just like you do for business meetings. If you are supposed to pick your kids from school or make dinner, make sure to note it in your diary. By keeping records, you will reduce the chances of forgetting your family duties.

8. Delegate tasks to someone you trust

Regardless of how hard you try to be perfect, it is not possible to handle everything. Learn to let go when you should. If you are required to attend your kid’s school meeting, delegate the business meeting to your partner. Sometimes you can also commission your family duties to a close family member or spouse. Never shy away from accepting help when you require it.