The Undeniable Benefits Of Meditation

Companies that succeed in maintaining a competitive edge in the modern market are characterized by many of the following traits:

The have a straightforward concept of their overall objectives.

They are inspired to be innovative in the ways they deliver services and/or products.

Leaders are capable of steering employees toward ultimate success.

Their teams work collaboratively to assist workers in remaining globally competitive.

All of theses things can be aided and facilitated by meditation practice. Harvard Business School, in conjunction with INSEAD, has found through research studies that intuition and meditation are essential elements of 21st century executive success. Meditation offers cumulative benefits within work settings, building one atop the other. In this way, they boost business performance on the whole.

The Role Of Individuals

Business that succeed do so because of the individuals involved. This is because individuals are where inspiration and innovation take root. Every person holds within themselves the possibility of achieving true greatness, and the sky’s the limit once it is realized that creativity has no bounds. The problem is that far too many individuals feel limited in their abilities due to constraints including stress and other externalities capable of:

  • Halting creative expression, mental acuity and the ability to be inspired
  • Harming interactions with other people, which impedes teamwork
  • Producing sleep disruptions that hinder innovative thinking
  • Generating anxiety, thereby interfering with collaborative capabilities and patience with colleagues
  • Creating self-doubt that stops motivation and creative passion in their tracks

Workplace Meditation

People have been meditating for millenia, and the reason for this lies in its true effectiveness. Personally, I became interested in introducing meditation to work settings when I experienced the stifling impact of stress on my own performance on the job. I was ornery and difficult towards colleagues and had a lingering feeling of irritability most days. My physical health suffered as well, and my creativity was nonexistent. I was unsettled in my personal dealings, and this carried over to my work life.

Nowadays, I think of myself as a survivor of stress, and I owe it all to meditation. It is my sincere belief that everyone can experience real benefits from meditation, and that includes businesses and individuals. The following paragraphs will outline the most important benefits meditation can have in the realm of business.

Concentration And Clear-Headedness

Stress is an inevitable outcome when we hit a roadblock along the way to reaching a goal. Science has given credence to the notion of “fight or flight” under such circumstances, and it has been estimated that this occurs around 12 times daily. This phenomenon is really just an acute response stress, but it is capable of negatively impacting one’s heartbeat, respiration, digestion and immune response. When employees are spinning their wheels in survival mode, true mental clarity will prove elusive.

It has been shown that humans tend to use just five percent of their cognitive capacity under most scenarios, and all too often, people seem to be fine with that type of restriction. All businesses require focus and clear thinking from employees in order to achieve real success. Meditation can bring about both of these qualities like nothing else can. You can read more about some real stories, here.

Heighted Loyalty From Employees

Companies that integrate meditation in a broader wellness initiative for employees will find a surprisingly high uptick in loyalty from workers. This will produce a lower rate of overall turnover and better retention of key employees. A loyal employee will be loathe to look elsewhere for work and will stick around much longer with a single firm. In addition, an employee who feels loyalty to an enterprise will have a sense of being vested in the success or failure of the endeavor. This is certain to benefit everyone involved.

Better Communication

Clarity of mind results in clarity of expression. Better exchanges between employees and management will keep any business on the right path. Sadly, communication is an area in which most businesses fall quite short. Meditation can assist in bringing about the clarity of thought and discussion that is so critical to long-term efficiency and improvement.

Lower Illness And Related Absenteeism

It must be admitted that stress is inescapable in the lightning-fast pace of modern business. But, the practice of meditation helps individuals cope much more effectively. This has the effect of boosting health on the whole, lowering the risk of stroke, depression, cardiovascular complaints and a host of other ailments known to result in lost work days and chronic absenteeism.

Productivity Gains

Meditation can and does produce gains in general levels of productivity in just about every type of industry sector or business. Aiding employees in the process of effectively handling stress and focusing more on goals and objectives creates positive ripple effects that cannot be overstated. When communication across teams begins to improve, so does productivity. Gains in individual productivity is sure to translate to the broader organizational level. In the end, this generates higher profitability and a stronger balance sheet. It goes without saying that everyone can get onboard with that!