Three Premier League talents with a bright future ahead

If you’re a real football fan, we don’t need to tell you that the Premier League is one of, if not the best league in the world. Every week surprises happen, as well as many of the best players are currently playing in this league. But, not only this: many of great talents find their way into the Premier League every year as well. In this blog, we’ll highlight three of these players, as we predict these players to become part of the best players in the world. Take a look!

1.Bukayo Saka – Arsenal

A name that you probably already know, is Bukayo Saka. At the age of 20 years, he’s had an impressive career already, and he only seems to improve. Saka had his breakthrough two years ago as a left-back, but soon showed to be capable of playing in several positions. Nowadays, he’s playing as the starting right winger for Arsenal, which seems to be his best position so far. Saka is a creative player, that’s both able to score as well as assist. But, not only this: Saka seems to perfectly understand the game, often creating space for his teammates by making smart runs, nearly Messi-like. So far, Saka has had 9 goals and 5 assist throughout 28 games. Not bad for a 20 year old!

2.Kai Havertz – Chelsea

Another talent that didn’t go unnoticed through the years, is Kai Havertz. The German talent already made a 70-million-pound transfer to Chelsea in the summer of 2021, which isn’t a small price tag for a 21-year-old. Havertz however already proved his worth, scoring the winning goal in the Champions League final of 2021. Although many seem to think Havertz is overrated, he consistently proofs his worth for Chelsea, as he shows a lot of involvement in every game. We think once Havertz gets to start in his preferred position, he’ll only show more of what he’s worth. Do you think Havertz could win the Ballon d’Or in the future?

3.Carney Chukwuemeka – Aston Villa

A player that hasn’t proven his worth like the others two yet, but will eventually is Aston Villa’s Carney Chukwuemeka. The 18-year-old was described as the “best 16-year-old in England” two years ago, which was quickly proven right after Chukwuemeka helped Villa’s under-18’s to win the FA Youth Cup. Aston Villa seem to have a good player on his hands, as he’s not only wanted by them: football giants such as Bayern Munich and Juventus already showed their interest. Currently, Chukwuemeka has played 9 games in the Premier League, but we’re sure we’re going to see more of this massive talent in the next couple of seasons.


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