Tips on Stopping Smoking

Stopping smoking is one of the hardest things someone can face, however it can have huge benefits to do so. We commend those of you who embark upon this goal and want to share some tips. You may have tried multiple times before, however hopefully this time will be permanent.

Having the Passion to Quit

The most important thing is having a burning desire to quit. It has to be extremely strong in order to overcome the physical and mental addictions. This is true for almost any difficult life change, such as depression. Most of us must hit rock bottom and get so disgusted that we’ll do whatever it takes.

How can you build this burning desire? To start, use both positive and negative mental imagery on regular basis. For the positive side, imagine yourself as a non-smoker. Imagine less coughing, people not bothered by the smell, and feeling that sense of accomplishment. Imagine living a longer life. Also create negative imagery- imagine yourself being told you have lung cancer. Imagine yourself needing to use an oxygen tank to breach. Imagine people looking down on you for being a smoker. Also consider how friends, family and co-workers would feel to lose you.

Also place notes or photos in your house where you will see them all the time. Something that works for you like a photo of what smoke does to a lung.

Know the facts. On average, smokers die 10 years earlier. It’s also responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year just in the United States.

Switch to Nicotine Only

You can also try switching to nicotine patches, gum or an e-cigarette, anything that provides your body with the nicotine but without the smoke which damages your lungs. Give yourself time to first deal with the mental addiction without the physical additional part. If you have problems with this then you will know that the mental side of this is your biggest initial challenge. You can explore other paths to address your mental addiction such as behavioral therapy, NLP, or hypnosis. Or join a local support group. Try to understand your own cravings. If you miss something being in your hand, find an alternative.

Take up New Activities

Consider new activities you can do when you get the urge to smoke. Some form of exercise is a good choice such as walking, running, biking, yoga, swimming, or working out. Get together with a friend or join a social activity. Use to find groups to be with, that can keep you less tempted to smoke, and put you into situations where it’s inappropriate to do so.

Another very helpful activity is meditation. Even a 5 minute meditation may be all you need to calm your mind. Look for a mobile app called Insight Timer to help you.


If you have one setback and smoke, avoid your mind telling you that you failed and using that as an excuse to give up. One set back is not the end of the world. Just acknowledge you had a moment of weakness and go back to your goal of not smoking. People who go on diets are often not 100%, don’t beat yourself up, few things in life can be done 100% perfect.


While better to quit completely and rid your body of the nicotine addition, vaping e-cigarettes is certainly a better option that many are turning to. It’s similar enough to a regular cigarette that it’s far easier. However, the long-term health effects of this is still unknown, so it’s recommended this just be a step towards quitting entirely.

Where legal to do so, some are turning to vaping cannabis as an alternative. Some researchers have reported possible evidence that this can reduce tobacco use and addiction. If you go this approach, be sure to use a high-quality vaporizer that will not produce smoke through combustion, rather use convection or conduction. Sites like VapeActive can show you the broad range of what is available.

Mobile Apps

There are many mobile phone apps that can help you quit smoking. We highly recommend trying these. The gamification, reminder and coaching aspects can be of immense help. You should try more than one initially, to ensure it’s the best for you. Then uninstall the others.

Final Thoughts

Smoking is highly damaging and proven to cause premature death through cancer, lung and heart disease, and strokes. Don’t have regrets after it’s too late!