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Types of anxiety disorders amongst women and their coping mechanisms!

woman holding plate of cakeAccording to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), nearly 6.7 million people in the United States have already been diagnosed with GAD or Generalised Anxiety Disorder. And you’ll be surprised to know that more than half of them are women. Yes, you read that right!

Prominent health experts worldwide confirm the fact that women are more likely to be diagnosed with Panic Disorder (PD) than men, which is currently impacting the mental health of around 5-6 million in the US.

By now, you might have gotten the idea that mental disorders affect men and women’s health and lifestyle differently. Although, some mental disorders in women are caused due to hormonal changes while others take root in the brain due to past experiences.

For example, according to WHO, women who had to face sexual abuse as a child or had a violent marriage are prone to depression at a colossal rate.

So, does that mean women have to live with these mental disorders throughout their lives? Absolutely not! Here are some type of mental disorders amongst women and coping mechanisms that can help deal with them

Let’s take a quick look!

  • OCD or (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

According to psychologists, OCD features a unique pattern of unwanted thoughts, fears that later turn into severe obsessions. These obsessions further lead to countless repetitive behaviors that turn into compulsions. These obsessions and compulsions tend to interfere with an individual’s daily activities, causing significant distress and sometimes leading to panic attacks.

For example, suppose a person washes his/her hands countless times in a day because of the fear of getting into contact with germs.

So, if you come across any symptom that signifies OCD in you or people near you, here are some coping mechanisms that can help.

  • Try to take enough sleep
  • Distract yourself through exercises and hobbies such as painting/dancing/singing/ writing/reading etc.
  • Pay special attention to yourself and your eating habits.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

As the name suggests, PTSD is a kind of anxiety or a mental health condition that gets triggered due to an event that an individual experienced or witnessed.

For example, suppose a woman encountered a horrifying sexual assault at a certain relative’s house. Now, whenever she’ll visit or think about that place or the person who did that to her, she’ll have flashbacks that will eventually trigger a few panic attacks. Yes, that happens.

So, if you feel that you or someone you know is having nightmares, or feel uneasy due to something that happened in the past, here are some coping mechanisms that can help.

  • First of all, avoid visiting or thinking about the traumatic event and everything that is related to it.
  • Secondly, take natural supplements that can calm down your nerves. For this, you need to consider “the best natural anxiety relief collection” to get some quality nutrients that help the body to combat a stressful challenge and restore your energy along with vitality.
  • Try aromatherapy as it acts as a healing regime and tries to calm down your nerves.

Wrapping Up,

Not only women but also every patient, regardless of gender, age, or social status, experience mental illness and anxiety issues uniquely. But it gets a bit complicated when it comes to women. Thankfully, some resources and experts out there that can help women deal with their anxiety issues.

Remember, sometimes the simplest advice can do wonders, but you need to take the first step by asking for help. So, it’s okay to have problems; you just need to find the perfect solutions.