Marketing Strategy

Uncommon Marketing Strategies To Kickstart Your Business

Marketing Strategy

When you start a new business, the world views it as an achievement. But you, the one running the business, know how big a struggle it is. Not everyone who starts a new company has a lot of money to invest in marketing, let alone managing operational costs. Therefore, people trying to establish their newfound businesses often need to develop new and unique strategies to gain popularity and growth.

However, many people end up using tried-and-tested marketing strategies and never truly achieve the desired results. If you are looking for something different, you’ve come to the right place. Let us help you out. Here are a few unique marketing strategies that you can adopt to get your business going.

Launch Exclusive Beta Services/Products:

It is in human nature to want what others can’t have. Such things mostly come at high costs that not everyone can afford. So when people find such exclusive services or products at lower than average rates, they are likely to jump at the chance.

Established businesses usually provide exclusive beta services. However, new and upcoming businesses can also benefit from them greatly. Launching beta products and services can attract new customers to your business. These customers will serve as marketers for your brand and attract new clients. In fact, this is also a great way to test your product/service while it is in its development phase to make more improvements for a final launch.

Collaborate With Brands:

This is a strategy that many well-established brands don’t even consider simply because they fear losing market share or their brand identity. Partnering with existing brands in the market can help you grow by leveraging its target audience. The trust that the audience places in your partnering brand will have a spill-over effect on how they perceive your brand, which will benefit the long run.

However, you must be careful about the brands you collaborate with for marketing purposes. You must evaluate their audience base and reputation in the market before you do so. To gauge different brands and decide which ones are worth partnering with, you need sufficient marketing knowledge. This, of course, shouldn’t be too hard for you if you hold an MBA marketing degree or a relevant qualification. If not, ask around and consult experts before entering a partnership for launching your own business.

Use Referral Programs

Referral programs are a quick way of reaching out to a vast target market. These programs help build positive word-of-mouth for your brand name, which eventually translates to trust, lead generation, and conversions. Surprisingly, despite how beneficial this strategy is, not many new business owners use it, probably because they wait for the customers to give referrals independently. However, if you wait for creating new customers of your own to give referrals and positive reviews, you’ll be doing nothing but wasting valuable time. To get the desired referrals, you might need to incentivize your customers. Think of this as a mutually beneficial favor and not a bribe.

Working with a Business Law Firm

A marketing strategy helps in the identification of avenues and options that can power business growth. What if I tell you that an experienced business law firm can also help you with the same? Business law firms can help with providing numerous corporate services and tie-ups. They can also help set up meetings with prospective investors and vendors that can help in improving the growth of your business. According to a leading business attorney from a law firm in Dubai, a good marketing strategy has an inbuilt networking need built into it and this is what can power new growth and opportunities.

Associate With A Social Cause:

In the present day and age, people have become more socially aware and put a lot of thought into how socially responsible the brands, products, and services they use are. For this reason, a lot of corporations actively engage in numerous CSR and philanthropic activities. Associating your business with a social cause right from the day of its inception will significantly add more value to your business’s image. However, you must ensure that the cause you associate with is one that you truly stand for and support. If not done with a selfless intent, this could backfire, leaving behind irreparable damage.

Feature In The National Headlines:

Collaborations with news publications, both online and offline, are one of the lesser-used marketing strategies nowadays. They were hugely popular back in the days when the internet was non-existent, and print media was a ‘thing.’ To be honest, this isn’t even an optimal strategy if you want to keep your brand smallscale. Nonetheless, it is unique. If you are a firm believer in the term “go hard or go home,” featuring in the national headlines may be the perfect way for you to launch your business with a BANG because everyone watches the news, and getting featured is definitely going to get you noticed.

This strategy would require you to do something noticeable, like creating viral content and publishing press releases. An extremely out-of-the-box on-ground activity or creating user-generated-content via social media apps would suffice. However, do plan this out properly. Virility can come at a huge reputational cost, almost impossible to recover from. And you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Play Against A Competitor:

Coke and Pepsi have probably fought the most widely known brand wars ever in the history of marketing. Let’s not forget that both were well-established brands even when they went head-on with each other. When you start a new business, you obviously do not have a large customer base, but you have an existing competition and potential target market. Thus, another unique way of launching your brand could be to leverage the two resources and engage in a friendly yet competitive bran war to get noticed. This would be like hitting two birds with one stone. First, you’re conveying your positioning more effectively with a competitive launch strategy. Second, this strategy is likely to attract more customers by building curiosity.

Give Cash To Customers:

Now, this may sound like an absurd strategy, but it is a smart one. Paying for ads and marketing your business has a financial cost associated with it and doesn’t guarantee conversions. Giving cash to customers doesn’t mean wading a stack of dollar bills at them. Instead, offer this money in the form of cashback promotional offers, and at the very least, you might have some customers coming back to you for more cashback rewards. When they receive money, even after investing in a service or product, customers feel like they have earned something. This is why cashback offers are likely to attract new customers. Obviously, you can’t keep doing this for too long and will need to replace the cashback reward with improved quality.


There are several marketing strategies available for all kinds of businesses. You can go for tried and testified methods, or you can pick the more uncommon ones to make your business stand out. It is up to you to figure out which strategies work best for launching your business.