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Career Options for Those Who Thrive in Change

Do Something Great neon signAre you the type of person that thrives in change? Change is something that can cause a large percentage of people to feel stressed and anxious with many struggling to adapt to any kind of change in their life, but for some people change is exciting, positive and something that they are able to fully embrace and revel in. So, if you are in the latter group then what are some good career options?

Interim Manager

One of the most obvious career paths to follow if you enjoy and embrace change is an interim manager. Interim managers come in to see a business through a period of change on a short-term basis which means that you get the opportunity to work in a completely new environment with new people with each job. Obviously, this means that change is part of the job description and those that thrive under change often do well in this position. The key to success as an interim manager is to find projects through interim recruitment agencies as this will help you to find new opportunities.


The army is certainly not for everyone, but those that thrive with change often find a home in the army. This is, of course, an incredibly important and noble career path to follow and one which will take you to new places, allow you to work with many different people and take on all kinds of different projects. This makes it an exciting career and one which is filled with change so it is easy to see why it attracts those with certain characteristics.

Event Planner

Event planning is an incredibly rewarding role because it is fantastic to see events turn from an idea all the way to a large event. Additionally, it is great for those that like change because every event will be different and it will allow you to work with different people with every single project that you take on.


Building a business from the ground up is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences that you can have. An entrepreneur also will have a tremendous amount of variety in their day-to-day role as they will have so many different areas of the business that needs attention, ensuring that no two days are ever the same when you run your own company (which also gives you greater flexibility with your career).

For those that thrive with change, these are all good career options that are worth considering. Embracing change is a real attribute in fields like this and you will find work in these areas to be incredibly interesting, varied and rewarding if you are someone that likes change in their life.