Using a Writing Service

Professional Writers

People seek out professional writing services for a wide range of reasons. The Internet has made it extremely easy to find the right kind of service, and for good rates due to worldwide competition. The reasons to use these services vary greatly, and includes writing resumes, academic papers, blog posts, e-books, marketing materials, and more. Also popular is editor services, where an expert can review your writing and recommend improvements. In business situations, using professional writers can pay for itself in areas like marketing literature or website listings such as on Amazon or eBay.

Qualities to Look For

When hiring a professional writer, there are several things that may be important to you. Examples include:

  • Mastery of the language, preferably not a second language
  • Skills in the type of writing, e.g. how to write marketing materials
  • Good use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Good organization of the overall writing
  • Writing at the appropriate level for the audience
  • Experience in the subject matter or ability to research it

If you are not happy with the writer, then consider looking for a different writer, whether within the same service or another one.

Business Values

The company you use should also have good business values such as:

  • Affordable
  • Originality, e.g. no plagiarism
  • Clear pricing and options
  • Prompt response and delivery
  • Refund policy
  • Will address issues where customer is not satisfied
  • 24×7 support
  • Overall good customer service

These items may be outside the control of the individual writer, rather with the company itself. If the company does not have business values you like, it’s time to find another.

Writing for Websites

Writing for websites is in high demand. An example is for blog posting. Those who are starting a blog may not have the time or knowledge to write all their materials and may turn to paid writers to write blog posts. Another example is copywriting services, where a writer will help write your advertisements and marketing materials. For copywriting, the writer not only needs good writing skills, but also should know how to write material that attracts customers.

Writing for websites may also include a need for assistance in layout, such as use of logos, fonts, colors and graphic design. For this type of work, seek out services which specialize in this area.

Writing for Students

A very large market for professional writing services is with students, for a wide variety of academic needs. Student needs may include research, writing, editing, or advice on their writing. Students using such services are advised to not use them to cheat and avoid any plagiarism, they should be used to further their education and abilities.

An example writing service for students is UK based Papercheap which cites high quality, cheap prices, plagiarism detection, and a money back guarantee. They also have a calculator that allows students to determine what the cost will be.


Writing pricing typically depends on three factors- 1) number of pages, 2) delivery time, and 3) level or type of writing. It’s recommended that you start early so that you’re not having to pay extra for a rush. Be sure to understand if there are hidden fees, such as a charge for revisions, as well as what the policies are for a refund.