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What to do before playing an escape game

red escape rooms neon signHow do you prepare for what might be the time of your life? It’s simple, really. Just follow these three easy tips on what to do before playing an escape game, so that you can settle in for an experience to remember. Not sure what escape games are? Click here to see a great example of escape rooms company from California.

1. Do your homework

Think about what type of theme and level of difficulty you’d like your escape game to have. Also consider who you will be playing with and what needs they may have. If your team includes children, check the age restrictions to make sure the room is appropriate for them. Many escape games also accommodate disabilities, but be sure to raise this concern beforehand. When you’re all set, make a reservation to save the date.

2. Look the part

Escape games take place in rooms with fun themes. Anything from the Pharaoh’s Tomb, to Jack the Ripper’s London, to a Lunar Mission might be on the table. So why not look the part when you step into another world of your choosing? Dig out your favorite Disney character costume for a trip to the Magic Kingdom. Or slap on an eye-patch and a poet’s blouse before venturing into the Pirate Bay. With a few good accessories, you can live out your childhood fantasies. Just make sure you wear sensible shoes and comfortable clothes that allow for a wide range of movement.

3. Set the scene right

Meet up with your group beforehand to catch up and enjoy each other’s company without any timers ticking down. Also, take the time to have a snack and stay hydrated. That way, once you enter the room, you’ll be primed and ready to go — because once you’re in the room, you’ll want to get your thinking caps on right away. It’s also a good idea to get there early so that you can make sure you feel safe and comfortable with the venue. Arrive a good 10-15 minutes beforehand so that the game can start right on time.