The evolution of medicine and psychotherapy

Humor often reveals profound truths. Take, for example, this history of medicine:

2000 BC – Here, eat this root.
1000 AD – That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.
1850 AD – That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion.
1940 AD – That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill.
1985 AD – That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic.
2000 AD – That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root.

Like medicine, psychotherapy is benefiting from the past. Freudian psychoanalysis evolved into the many forms of contemporary psychotherapies.

And today, eminent hypnotherapists are healing troubled patients by using imagery, storytelling, trance induction, and suggestions. These are the very tools that were used by shamans in ancient times. Let’s see how we can meld ancient and modern wisdom. I will begin with a reader’s request for help and then follow that with advice based on the two traditions.

Melissa writes: “I am in my mid-forties and, according to my friends, a ‘good catch.’ Yet, I remain unmarried, leaving behind a chain of failed relationships. The common bond in these relationships seems to be my hunt for the perfect person and the criticizing and judging that goes with that.

“I am devastated about it. It seems like the feelings come up and there is no way to avoid them or put them down. I have been reading a lot about the harmful effects of criticism, but the faults of others still turn me off.

“I wasn’t belittled as a child; on the contrary, throughout my life I have been told how talented I am. The only criticism I got as a youngster was ‘Why are you so serious? You should smile!’

And as a grown up, potential partners told me, ‘I can’t handle your criticism anymore. I feel bad about myself when I am with you. Nothing I can do or be is good enough for you.’

Do you have any suggestions about where to look, what to read, and how to overcome this or get to the bottom of this problem? I try to turn the criticism off, but every time I have been in a relationship it eventually starts up again and doesn’t let up. All my friends say ‘you just haven’t met the right man,’ but I think there is more going on.”

Now, let’s move on to my comments. Congratulations, Melissa, for not succumbing to the temptation to blame others and circumstances for your troubles. By recognizing you are responsible for your own success and happiness, you have proved that you are now ready to change your life. Since you are uncertain how to go about doing that, all you need is a gentle push in the right direction.

Before I offer my solution, I will make two comments about what you have written. First, your “hunt for the perfect person” is fruitless and doomed to failure. This is simply because no one is perfect. So, rather than searching for a “perfect person,” you need to look for a GOOD person. And because there are plenty of them around, you will have no trouble finding a wonderful mate.

Second, the world we live in is a reflection of ourselves. The world is nothing more than a mirror. You become irritated by what you mistakenly believe are the faults of others. But it is not others that trouble you, but yourself. You erroneously believe that you are unworthy of love and then project that unworthiness on others.

Your experiences as a child are very telling. You were praised for your talents, but told you shouldn’t be so ‘serious’ and you should smile more often. Your talents are capabilities you HAVE, but your ‘serious’ nature is something you ARE. In a word, you were told, “I like what you have, but don’t like what you are.” Is it any wonder that you feel unworthy of love? Is it surprising that today you deny men the acceptance that you were once denied as a child?

The above comments of mine represent modern wisdom. Now we will turn to ancient wisdom for the solution of your problem. This ancient wisdom is wrapped in and perfected by modern technology. It comes in the form of CDs that will transform your core beliefs by restoring self-love, self-confidence, and self-acceptance. It is only after you love and accept yourself that you will be able to love and accept others.

Building on the work of Dr. Milton H. Erickson (1901 ~ 1980), Dr. Lloyd Glauberman has perfected an extremely helpful form of therapeutic hypnosis.

Acting as your personal shaman, his powerful CDs will magically transport you into a world of storytelling, metaphor, imagery, trance, and personal transformation. Be prepared to experience something you have never experienced before. Be prepared for the glorious person that you are to break free from its false beliefs. Be prepared for your spirit, a butterfly, to emerge from its cocoon in 6 ~ 12 weeks. You have already waited this long, so what is another 1 ½ ~ 3 months?

Here’s what you need to start changing your life for the better: 1) a portable CD player; 2) stereo headphones; 3) Dr. Glauberman’s 2-CD set entitled “Personal Ecology: The Complete Self-Esteem Program”; 4) $34.95(US) to purchase the program; 5) the willingness to lie in bed listening to the CDs 30 minutes ~ 1 hour a day for 6 ~ 12 weeks.

Here’s what you won’t need. YOU DON’T HAVE TO: a) study anything; b) make a deliberate effort to change; c) believe in the power of hypnosis.

The CDs are available from many sources on the Internet, just do a Google Search for “HPP CDs.”

I experienced my first spontaneous change on the third day of listening to his set of CDs on Procrastination. I predict you will begin to see changes in 3 ~ to 8 days, but don’t let that tempt you to quit the program too early.

Each of the two CDs you will receive has two thirty-minute sessions. You need to listen to each session for three weeks to optimize the effectiveness of the program. So, if you listen to one 30-minute session a day, it will take 3 months to finish the program. My personal preference is to listen to one CD (two sessions or one hour) at a time, alternating between CDs each day. This procedure will allow you to complete the program in six weeks.

Here is a quote from Dr. William R. Spivey, Retired President and CEO of Luminent, Inc.:

“No one is an island, everyone needs to be wanted. To be wanted, you must be known; To be known, you must build relationships; To build relationships, you must communicate; To communicate, you must have something to say; To have something to say, you must have a plan; To have a plan, you must know where you are going; To know where you are going, you must know where you are; To know where you are, you must know who you are; To know who you are is the beginning.”

How about you, Melissa? Do you know who you are? You are a magnificent person capable of great love. You can express that love by offering and receiving acceptance understanding, patience, appreciation, encouragement, and support. Unlock your magnificence by ordering the CDs today. Finally, be sure to get back to us and let us know how you have been helped by Dr. Glauberman’s CDs.