Chapter 01 – Now I know (Eureka!)

I still feel I am threatened.
I still feel I am missing something.

I still don’t forget.
I still don’t let go.
I still store.

I still seek position.
I still seek possession.
I still seek power.

I still identify with the past.
I still deny the present.
I still seek fulfillment in the future.

I still think the way I used to think.
I still feel the way I used to feel.
I still respond the way I used to respond.

However, now I know.

Knowing which I felt I know everything, knowing which I felt there is no more need to know any other thing, knowing which I felt relieved. Such a profound knowledge that I felt completely shaken, I felt completely charged, and I said ‘aha…’

I still am the same person. The only difference, now, is I know something extra, something extraordinary. What is this delta knowledge? What is this differential knowledge, rather, the differentiating knowledge?