Chapter 02 – Inner purpose (The command!)

We all are from the Source.
We all are separated from the Source.
Visualization: Pieces of energy/mass/form separating from and
connecting to a huge energy/mass/form, in a continuous whirlwind

Why, when, and how did we separate from the Source?

And now, we want to go back to the Source.
Our only focus is union with the Source.
Visualization: We all are confidently vibrating at a different
frequency with a complete focus to unite with the Source. And we
have unwavering trust that the Source will draw us into itself.

The Source is very much eager too.
The Source wants to test our readiness to join back.
Therefore, the Source gives the command “go, prove!!!”.

We are, therefore, here to prove.
To prove = To be.
To prove = To be `what we are’.
To prove = To exhibit `trust in the Source and confidence in the
self’ every moment, with the single focus.
This is our in-built inner purpose.

I know my inner purpose.

Process always follows strategy.
Does knowing inner purpose help us know life process, then?