Do I Need to Improve?


Do I need to improve?

I am whole.
I am complete.
I am perfect.
There is nothing lacking in me.

I am pure.
I am beautiful.
I am peaceful.
There is nothing missing in me.

I don’t need to improve as long as I am.

If I am NOT,
If I am identified with mind,
If I operate from mind,
Then I THINK I need to improve,
Then I feel I need to improve.

Self-improvement is something I chase after because of my mistaken identity. As long as I am mind, I continue to feel the need to improve. And therefore, I continue to use self- improvement tools and techniques one after another.

Self-improvement tools and techniques will not bring REAL and everlasting changes. They will try to make good of what I am not.
What is thus required is not self-improvement, but a SHIFT OF IDENTITY from false self to true Self.

What initiates this shift of identity? What initiates this shift from what I am NOT to what I am?

When the suffering arising out of this mistaken identity exceeds the pleasure by a threshold level. When I get disgusted. That is when I say `enough is enough’, I say `I’ve had it’. And I DECLARE I am not mind.

Through this declaration, I start the shift of identity.
Through this declaration, I start the inner change.
Through this declaration, I start the process of inner growth.

I am not completely disregarding self-improvement.
Self-improvement is a stage in the overall process.
Self-improvement is a `readiness’ process.

Therefore, do not restrict to self-improvement. Go beyond. Go, find your true Self. And be your true Self.


  1. A thought provoking wirting.

    Raise your innerself so high that the God Himself ask you What is Your will?

    With best regards,

    Irfan Ahmad Mir

  2. Wonderful distinctions Dinakar.

    The real sustainable answers always lie in beingness – not doingness.

    Thank you for your truth and so clearly delineating this for us,

    Eric Ciarroni,

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