Do I Need to Improve?


Do I need to improve?

I am whole.
I am complete.
I am perfect.
There is nothing lacking in me.

I am pure.
I am beautiful.
I am peaceful.
There is nothing missing in me.

I don’t need to improve as long as I am.

If I am NOT,
If I am identified with mind,
If I operate from mind,
Then I THINK I need to improve,
Then I feel I need to improve.

Self-improvement is something I chase after because of my mistaken identity. As long as I am mind, I continue to feel the need to improve. And therefore, I continue to use self- improvement tools and techniques one after another.

Self-improvement tools and techniques will not bring REAL and everlasting changes. They will try to make good of what I am not.
What is thus required is not self-improvement, but a SHIFT OF IDENTITY from false self to true Self.

What initiates this shift of identity? What initiates this shift from what I am NOT to what I am?

When the suffering arising out of this mistaken identity exceeds the pleasure by a threshold level. When I get disgusted. That is when I say `enough is enough’, I say `I’ve had it’. And I DECLARE I am not mind.

Through this declaration, I start the shift of identity.
Through this declaration, I start the inner change.
Through this declaration, I start the process of inner growth.

I am not completely disregarding self-improvement.
Self-improvement is a stage in the overall process.
Self-improvement is a `readiness’ process.

Therefore, do not restrict to self-improvement. Go beyond. Go, find your true Self. And be your true Self.