It is a style, an image that we all admire.

We can not buy it. We can not bottle it. How rich would one be if we could?

There’s a certain charm, a certain persona, a certain flair that a person – male or female – gives off.

Call it by its proper name……Grace… Or class…….A certain confidence without the conceit. A certain assurance without the snobbish ego.

And we admire this person. Even awed by him. We are certainly not threatened by him.

A person with class lights up the room when he enters.

It reflects in the way this person talks, the way he walks, the way he treats others, what he says.

Appearance is not everything. He can be overweight or thin like a toothpick. He can be handicapped – either mentally or physically. But if he shows class and grace, we will overlook his handicaps.

A “plain” person can go about his day. But if he shows any ounce of class, he becomes a “beautiful” person.

On the other hand, if a “beautiful” person wears the latest trends, the latest styles, expensive jewellery, drive the sportiest cars but shows no class, he is no longer that beautiful person. We perceive him as dull, boring, conceited.

Grace and class are not something one is born with. One may be born into it – like a wealthy family. But to show grace and class, one has to learn them.

The person with grace is comfortable in his own skin. He has nothing to prove.

And he is dependable, responsible and reliable. One can count on him.

A person with grace not only makes mistakes, he can admit to them. And he knows to admit to them, is a sign of true maturity, true character.

He not only knows the Golden Rule, he lives by it.

A person with grace cares about the people around him. He has the compassion for those around him especially those that may not fit in.  He tries to help those hurting around him. And though he may not have all the answers to help them, he tries his best to understand their plight realizing a kind ear to hear their problems may be all that is needed. A pain is lessened when it is shared.

Sadly, the person with class and grace is a rare breed. A rare bright light in a sea of darkness.

We all yearn to be around people like him. We all want people around us to be like him. But few people willing to be like him. And yet, all it takes are small sacrifices, swallowing one’s pride to be like him. All it takes is to practise a little humility.

Such a person is needed in this crazy world. How rich would the world be if we all behaved like him??