I am Grateful For..

I know , I can hear you saying, “I am not thankful for anything in my life .I have no a reason to be thankful for… and so on.”

I know, you feel down with no energy for the day. You feel sorry for yourself, with no desire to change anything in your life!

But I know you are wrong, and I will try telling you why you are.
Just be patient and carefully read this article to the end of the last line.

First, your statement is expressed in extremes. The situation is never totally “bad.” It is not always easy to see something useful in a “bad situation.” I know that, but it can be very valuable to understand the benefits of any situation. If you can do that, you will improve your mental health. For sure!

Second, your unpleasant feelings have nothing to do with reality. Your view of yourself is an opinion, not a fact, and opinions can be biased and mistaken. The good news is that opinions can be changed!

You feel terrible and you see everything from a distorted point of view. Currently, you are a different person.

A combination of thoughts that are in conflict with reality produces destructive mental energy. This mental energy generates very unpleasant sensations in your body. We called them emotions, like fear, anxiety, anger and guilt. All these emotions have negative impacts on your body.

The very first answer to your feelings about yourself is to change your way of thinking to a more positive approach. By changing your mental attitude, you will change the condition of your life. Every act in your life is the direct outcome of a certain fixed belief. For that reason you need a positive viewpoint. Therefore, remember that you cannot escape the result of your thoughts.

With “negative frequencies” you will attract to yourself others who are resonating at similar levels. Yes, we create our surroundings.

Feel positive if you want to be surrounded with positive people.

Further, if you want to feel happy, and I know you do, act as a happy person. Just pretending to be happy can change the situation for the better. This is a proven fact, not wishful thinking. Happy thoughts will cause your intellectual center to send happy messages to your awareness, and thankful thoughts are those happy messages!

Can you change yourself for the better with more thankful thoughts? Your strategy and coping technique will change dramatically if you can do a very easy exercise when you are feeling down!

Can you do it for the sake of your children, spouse, your relatives or your friends? For the sake of the people who love you, and for the sake of your own health? Can you? If you can, you will help .. yourself!.

What am I asking you to do is a small task, an exercise that has been known for many years.

The exercise is:

Whenever you feel down or worry too much, sit down in a quiet place, take a pen and piece of paper and start writing. Write for at least 15 minutes all the things that you are thankful for. Write down whatever comes to your mind. Be very specific with all the details, names, and times. Do not think the list is too long!

Do not pay attention to the grammar or style. Just express your thankfulness. When you finish writing, read over the things you just wrote. Read aloud! Finally, say, “Thank you. I am grateful.”

This small exercise can change your life. It works!

Now, I am going to explain why this exercise works.

Whenever you are writing something on paper about yourself, you are sending messages to your subconscious. Your subconscious will accept whatever you are saying to yourself, without checking or arguing with you!

By giving uplifting, positive thoughts to your subconscious, you will produce so called “positive energy.” With positive energy in your mind you will be able to think differently, more positively. By changing your attitude, you will find many other ways to solve your problems and overcome obstacles. Your mind will become clear and be ready to give you new ideas on what to do. You will gain new motivation and meaning.

Armed with new motivation, you will be able to do whatever you want to.

You need to do this small exercise to get out of the blues and stop the worrisome “what if..” thinking.

The only person in the world who can do it for you . is you. You are the best therapist for yourself! Nobody knows you better than you do. But, you need to do this small exercise.

Can you start feeling grateful and thankful today?

I am very thankful to you for reading my article!

I really feel great!