Can You Tolerate Endlessly?

I want you to give some serious thought to this question.

Do you believe that you’re stuck in a pattern of behaviour in which there is no end to what you’re willing to tolerate? If you are, this article will explain what you can to do to change it.

Needless toleration drains your life energy, making you weak and negatively affecting your ability to function effectively.

Let me clarify what I’m talking about here: This article isn’t about a normal level of tolerance, which is healthy and positive. I’m talking about pathological toleration, a pattern in which individuals don’t know how to stop tolerating the intolerable situations in their lives. They often tolerate, for long periods of time, some situations and behaviours which they don’t actually need to tolerate at all. It’s really sad when people bury their heads in the sand and pretend that everything is fine, dismiss the issue with a shrug, and say, “I can tolerate it.”

The truth of the matter is this: Sometimes you can’t-or shouldn’t-tolerate it.

Intolerable situations are not a part of “normal” human life. You definitely need to think about your tolerance limits; the cost of not doing so comes at a hefty price. Are you ready to pay that price?

How can you live a happy and successful life if you use all your energy on unlimited (and unnecessary) toleration? Be honest with yourself and accept the reality of your life. Ask yourself whether you’re prepared to tolerate the situation forever. Your answer will probably be, “No- enough is enough; this has been taking its toll on my life.”

What do you need to stop tolerating right now?

Don’t tolerate a life full of stress at work and at home, with no time for relaxation: You know better than anyone else that a stressful life has a huge impact on your overall health, particularly if you simply tolerate and don’t take measures.

Don’t tolerate an intolerant situation, particularly for an extended period of time. I’ve already mentioned how doing so affects both your physical health and well-being.

Don’t tolerate your negative thinking. Do whatever is possible to stop negative self-talk. Negativity literally takes the best from you, making you not just miserable but also physically ill. Try whatever works for you. For instance, spend time with positive people, do positive affirmations, read uplifting and supporting literature, limit the amount of time you spend watching or reading the news, and practice relaxation response techniques or other exercises to help you overcome your negative mindset.

Do you tolerate unhealthy relationships with your partner, family members, friends, or co-workers? Unfortunately, many people have significant problems with relationships and, consequently, with needless tolerance. Any advice offered to those with relationship problems is tricky, not always welcome, and not always useful.

When you like someone or something, there is no need to tolerate: When you live your life with a degree of toleration that’s healthy, acceptable, and reasonable, “tolerance” is not an issue for you. Relationships are a huge source of stress for many people: They often suffer a great deal, and silently, for a variety of reasons. Learn what you don’t need to tolerate in your daily life: You’ll be happier and healthier!