Do You Believe in Supernatural Change?

That’s the question I posed to a friend and colleague of mine.

I’m talking about the kind of supernatural that “depart[s] from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature” (

His response was, “No, I don’t believe in supernatural change. I’m professionally trained to believe only in natural things.”

If you think the same as my “professionally trained” friend, please give me a chance to explain something to you. It won’t take long.

In the past few decades, a huge amount of research has been conducted in the field of neuroscience. The findings of this research, at times, are so “unnatural” that we can’t accept them with our conscious, analytical mind.

Thanks to many very precise and objective measurements of the human brain, heart, and immune system, we can literally “see” changes, even genetic changes or healing, as the result of doing meditation, for example, or of immersing ourselves in intensive thoughts.

When you “see” all these changes, of course, they appear to have occurred through supernatural means. But they’re very real, and the circumstances surrounding them have been scientifically proven.

Can we change our mind-body experience, for better or worse, just by feeling stress, fear, anxiety, and anger or love, gratitude, and thankfulness? Can we change it through mindful thinking? Yes, we can.

And that’s good, because it means that we’re in charge of own lives. Our internal processes are in control so that we don’t always have to depend on outside circumstances.

You still don’t believe in supernatural change?

I recommend that you visit Dr. Joe Dispenza’s website ( Dr. Dispenza has written a number of exceptional books and articles on the subject of “change from the inside out.” Attend his seminars or teleclasses and watch his videos. You’ll learn how powerful you really are.

With appropriate training, you can change yourself “supernaturally.” You’ll understand that your changes are not only in “your mind” but literally in your brain, heart, immune system, and gene expression. Today, measuring and “seeing” the changes that are taking place “inside you” via the use of sophisticated equipment is a reality, and not science fiction.

When you’re connected to the equipment, experts can “see” your mind at work in real time. They can “see” what’s going on when you’re working very hard during meditation, during any other guided task, or when you’re dreaming or switching from one brain wave to another( .

Basically, whatever you’re feeling, dreaming, thinking—or even saying—affects your mind and, consequently, your body’s physiology. It’s a “natural phenomenon.” You actually are changing your current status in some way.

A supernatural change occurs when you provoke or induce, from inside, your current status to make a change, for better or worse. Learning how to supernaturally—and effectively—make desired changes provides you with a great deal of power over your health and over your life in general.

The science is clear:With guided training, you even have the power to heal yourself from some diseases.

To make any internal change, you need to

  • believe in any possibility,
  • trust the person who is helping you and rely on their methods,
  • elevate your body’s energy level,
  • “jump out” of your comfort zone and into a non-comfort zone that may be filled with uncertainties.

To acquire the ability to make supernatural change, you need to be a less “professionally trained,” narrow-minded person and become an open-minded believer in the possibilities that appear to be beyond what is considered “normal.”

Open yourself up to the possibility, and perhaps you, like me, will be a believer in supernatural change and in the power it offers.