What is above our genes?

When I was at the university, our education included genetics, the science which taught heredity and variation in organisms.

We learned that our genes control our life: Our bodies and our behaviour are pre-determined in our genes. For many years this was the dogma (a truth without proof), and nobody challenged the validity of this fact.

The only problem with this “fact” is that it is no longer scientifically correct!

Hear me out before you start yelling: “Who said it is not scientifically correct?”

Well, it’s not I who said this, it’s a science called – epigenetics.

Epigenetics is a mind-body biology, an aspect of molecular biology, which studies DNA and RNA, cell function, proteins and other genetic information.

The science of epigenetics is now beginning to explain a different approach to genes.

Epigenetics literarily means “above the genes”. Basically, what was realized through epigenetics is incredibly interesting and also revolutionary: Something is controlling, or is “above”, our genes!

And what is above the genes?

It is environmental influences, including our mind!


Does this mean that the expression of our genes can be changed by external factors?

That is correct!

Dr. Bruce Lipton is “responsible” for this hard-to-believe statement! He is the leading scientist in the field of epigenetics, and it has taken real courage to say this, thereby breaking with traditional opinion:

“Our mind has the power to create or cure disease because our thoughts affect the expression of our genes”.

What epigenetics is saying is: We are in charge of our genes. We can influence our genes through the foods we eat, the lifestyle we live, and….. through the thoughts that we think!

This is really very good news – we are not victims of our genes, anymore!

At the beginning of this breakthrough in understanding, everyone was sceptical.

To say that the human mind and body are energy, and that we have control over our genes through this energy, was revolutionary to the geneticists!

The statement: “Cell’s life is controlled by the physical and energetic environment, and not by its genes”, came as a complete surprise.

Do we now have a scientific explanation for mind-body connections, the placebo effect, and many other “miracles”?

According to the old dogma, we were controlled by genes. With the new insights from epigenetics, we are now in a position to master our genes. Knowing that something is superior to our genes came as quite a shock!

Epigenetics sees illnesses differently:

With genetics, illnesses are pre-determined: with epigenetics, they are … optional.

The new science accepts that the mind and environment – and not only our genes- have influence over human health, giving us control over our genetic expression.

From the perspective of epigenetics, genetic design is no longer a problem. The source of health problems comes from the way cells interpret the instructions received from the mind.

It turns out that the mind can change genetic expression in both directions: Not only can the mind cure disease, but the mind can create disease as well.

The human mind works as healer or destroyer.

A person’s interpretation of an event, whether it is good or bad, is the most creative thing. How the person sees a situation will determine their reaction, and as a result it will determine the reaction from their genes.

Control over the genes comes not only from the individual’s mind: it comes also from the people around them.

Yes, the people around us have the power of authority over our genes.

This goes beyond creative thinking, it is also confusing thinking: Other people’s behaviour manipulates our genes?

Since our observations control our genes, other people’s behaviour around us will become part of our own system of beliefs.

There is no way around it: Watch out who is around you and how people behave: They can heal you, but can destroy you, as well.

Beliefs are energy, our body is energy, and we share energy, communicating both inside and outside of ourselves.

If self- healing works and we know it works, what is stopping us from applying this knowledge?