How to Re-write Programs in the Unconscious Mind

Can we easily rewrite the programs in our unconscious mind?

No, we can’t.

 Is there any way, even though it may be difficult, to rewrite our unconscious programs?

Yes, there is.

How do we change (re-write) negative behavior or harmful habits programs in our unconscious mind?

Through methods such as hypnosis, repetition, or emotional freedom techniques (a process through which we mentally “tune in” to specific issues while stimulating certain meridian points on the body by tapping on them with our fingertips;

Why is it so difficult to change the unconscious mind but not so difficult to change the conscious mind?

Our unconscious programs are our habits. By definition, a habit is “a recurrent, often unconscious, pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition” (

How did we learn our habits?

Through repetition.

Can you clarify?

To be able to function in life, a person needs habits, such as walking, talking, writing, or any other routine behaviors you use in your daily life. To learn all of these habits, you’ve tried and failed—many times—before finally learning how to do them. Once learned, they are your habits. You do not need to relearn them again every day.

Am I right in saying that habits are programs that are not easy to change, but if we have a strong desire to change them and use repetition or other proven methods, we can eventually change bad habits?

You’re absolutely right.

Why are habits so resistant to change?

If they were not resistant, you’d easily forget (delete from your unconscious programs) how to walk, talk, or write. Your life depends on your routine (habits). You don’t want to change your good habits (the habits that allow you to maintain your life). You want to change only your “bad” habits.

Could you explain the difference between these two minds: the conscious and the unconscious?

Your unconscious mind runs your life. You’re driven by your unconscious mind (programs) 90–95% of the time but only 5–10% of the time by your conscious mind. The conscious mind is the creative mind, while the unconscious mind is the “habit” mind. You can easily change your conscious mind simply by reading, listening, or watching educational programs. I’ve already explained how it isn’t so easy to change your habit (unconscious) mind: This is because the unconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind.

More powerful?

Yes. Whenever you choose to change a bad habit with your conscious mind, your unconscious mind will start to “complain.”


The unconscious mind will “say,” Who’s in charge of changing habits, you—the conscious mind—or “me,” the unconscious mind? I’m the boss! Only when I, the unconscious mind, approve or decide to accept the change will you be able to proceed.

Is the conscious mind always asking for approval from the unconscious mind?

Actually, intentions, desires, and ideas from the conscious mind need to be in alignment with programs stored in the unconscious mind. Remember, unconscious programs are very resistant and basically don’t like change!

Are you saying that the conscious mind is inferior?

Not at all. I simply wanted to explain how neuroscience sees the ways in which both minds work. There’s no such thing as “an inferior human mind”: We need both minds equally.

Thank you. Now I get it!

Good—now the programs in your unconscious mind are in alignment with the science that explains them.