Does the Human Mind Create and Heal Diseases?

This question was shocking news for some people.

Recently, I got an invitation from the leader of the group to make a presentation on the  topic of the power of the mind. The instructions were: “Make a simple presentation in plain English. Keep  everything simple, as much as possible.”

I spent some time preparing material for my presentation with one idea in mind: To show everyone that the human mind is the most creative, powerful, unlimited, unpredictable and very complicated substance.

This is what I had to say to my fellow members, when I was ready to give my lecture:

Welcome to a presentation on the most intriguing subject in the world: The human mind.

The human mind and human genes

As a person who is still learning new facts about positive psychology, I was impressed when I learned about epigenetics.

I must mention the name of Dr. Bruce Lipton, who is a leading scientist in the field of epigenetics.

Epigenetics is the science of the connection between the human mind and human genes.

What did I learn from epigenetics and Dr. Lipton’s explanations?

Epigenetics literarily means “above the genes”.

What was realized through epigenetics is interesting and also revolutionary: Something is controlling our genes!

It is environmental influences, including our mind!

Reading Dr. Lipton’s explanations on the mind-gene connection is like reading a good detective book. I couldn’t stop reading it.

What epigenetics actually says provides a clear message for everyone: The source of our problems is not in our genes, but in how our cells interpret directions from our mind and environment.

Before, we learned that our genes control our life.

System of beliefs can change our genetic expression

Now we know: Even our system of beliefs can change our genetic expression, (the chemical process of translating genetic codes in DNA into a protein).

In the same line with beliefs goes our perception about life. How we see and interpret life’s events will determine the appearance of our genes. If our approach to life is positive, our genes will create positive environments for us. With an influence of attitude, our genes are changed.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton and the biology of the mind, what we human beings are able to create, can help us or kill us. There is no more intellectually powerful weapon than the human mind.

This science of the biology of the mind is teaching us that we are not the victims of our genetic code and that there are no limits for the human mind. We have power over our heritage because cells’ are controlled by the physical and energetic environment, not by our genes.

Is this proof that self- healing works?

My greatest surprise about epigenetics was when I learned how the people around us can influence our genes. How can we accept the fact that the cultural beliefs of the people around us can control our genes? Is it an unbelievable statement that others have authority over our genes?

Learning from epigenetics, we now know that beliefs are energy fields that shape our genetic manifestation.

Whenever we feel powerless, remember one very important piece of evidence from the biology of the mind: If we believe we are down, helpless and weak, then our thoughts will manifest evidence in life to justify our opinion. Simply, our thoughts will always try to help us, giving us evidence and support that we are right.

That is the nature of our thoughts; they are here to support us, even if we are wrong. Do you know why it is like that? Because our positive and negative beliefs are equally powerful.

The answer to the question from the title of this article is: Yes, the human mind creates and heals diseases.