The Human Mind: Is It Perfect?


Is this a weird question? Yes, it is, but I am going to write on this subject anyway.

Like many other things in life, the human mind is not perfect. It is, however, very powerful, exceptional, controversial, unlimited, and unpredictable. The mind is powerful in ways both positive and negative. It can protect or destroy you. It can heal or kill you. It is the place of your personal conflicts and solutions. Whatever you do, say, or see comes from your mind. On one day, your mind will see the world as paradise, but on another day, it will see the world as hell. You, of course, are happy — or sad and unsatisfied — because of your mind. Your mind will determine everything in your life, often in controversial and unpredictable ways.

The good thing is that you can choose what will be in your mind and for how long. Having this ability to choose, means that the presence of negativity, anger, sadness, or fear in your mind depends only on you. This is power you have over your own mind. You need to take responsibility for your mind by making the right decisions and finding good solutions, and by accepting that nobody is perfect, including you and your mind. When you are satisfied with your life, you give thanks to your mind, which is a good thing to do. Do use, however, the same criterion — your mind —when you are not satisfied with the outcomes in your life. Do not go around complaining how life is unfair!

Your habitual thinking, the way you typically use your mind, will cause your body to react to your way of thinking. Do not be surprised if negative habitual thinking produces sickness. By thinking that you determine your body chemistry and internal energy, they will determine your level of normality and regularity. Science knows that you mold everything with your mind. The mind-body connection is well known. Your minds thoughts produce chemicals in your brain, and your body can really feel the way you think. Does this work in the converse way? Yes, in response to your feelings, your brain will generate thoughts and you will begin to think the way you feel. Now you know why the human mind is exceptional.

Do you want to know why the mind is so complicated? I will explain by asking this question: Where is the mind located — in the brain? Actually, not! Think of the brain and the mind as two inseparable but different parts. You need the brain as a structure to manifest your mind, but the brain is not your mind. OK, what is the mind? The mind is the product of the brain. There is no mind without the brain. No brain, no mind.

Enough! I do not want to confuse you. I just wanted to tell you about your mind, your brilliant human mind.

Let me conclude: The human body is a holistic unit. We cannot separate the mind from our body.