In Harmony with Ourselves

Our ultimate goal as people is to live life in harmony with ourselves, in concordance with our capability, our actions, our own limitations, and our own opinion about ourselves. We need to learn to be ourselves, not attempting to be any other person.

Of course, we should learn from other people’s experience and knowledge, but we would not try to be them.

Life harmony

In general, we can describe “life harmony” as agreement between ourselves and our attitude, goals, and our ability to reach those goals.

With harmony with ourselves, our lives will be like harmoniously written pieces of music.

Only one question remains: “How do we reach a harmonious life?”

In this article I’ll explain my point of view on how to achieve this harmony.

I believe that my own opinion is complementary with Positive Psychology and Positive Thinking teaching.

Life with meaning

When we live life with meaning, reachable goals and expectations, moment by moment, in the present, with our loved ones, accepting whatever comes in our way with hope, and with understanding and calmness – we can say: We live life in harmony with ourselves.

Developing a harmonious life requires effort from our side, the right attitude, and positive self-esteem. If we don’t have these things, we need first to change whatever stands in our way.

We cannot have a solid and harmonious life without inner peace, a positive outlook, a good social life, and positive feelings about life itself.

People who can say they live life in harmony are emotionally rich people.

In most cases, life harmony does not depend on material possessions; each and every person deserves a harmonious life in accordance with their life styles.

Life’s opportunities and possibilities

Many of us have limitations, but a harmonious life is not about limitations. It’s about opportunities and possibilities: what we can do about our lives.

Those of us, who can shift our focus from the material world to the world of meaningful and pleasurable activities, helping ourselves and others, are lucky to call themselves happy.

If we are able to contribute to other people’s lives with desire, knowledge, and courage – our lives will be harmonious. Misery, anger, envy, greed, and blaming ourselves and others are not the way to achieve a harmonious life.

I understand that life brings us problems and sufferings; this is unavoidable. We need to expect that life will have its conflicts and expect that life will continue to have them.

There is no life without problems and ups and downs

We do not all have the same amount of material goods, the same health or education, nor the same freedom; but despite of all these adversities and struggles, we all have a duty to use our capacity to make our lives harmonious and emotionally rich for one main reason – we deserve it.

With the focus and attention on making the most out of what we have in life, with the emphasis on destination and journey, our life will be a harmonious piece of music.

To compose a harmonious life without commitment to demonstrate faith and beliefs in ourselves and without the ability to create our own reality is simply impossible.

The belief that only a big bank account is associated with a harmonious life is not correct. A harmonious life is not about having – it’s about being.

When we meet the basic needs of a modest average life, many studies teach us that we can call ourselves people who live life in accordance with happiness.

Solving everyday problems will bring us a good feeling about life and ourselves, which is in concordance with a harmonious life.

With calm in our hearts and calm in our minds, we live harmonious lives – lives in harmony with ourselves.