Is Positive Thinking Alone Enough to Change Our Reality?

As an author of positive-thinking articles who applies the principles of science, I know that positive thinking works—of that there is no doubt. The question is…how does it work?

The title of this article asks the following question: “Is positive thinking alone enough to change our reality?”

The short and sweet answer is “no.”

Let me explain…

Here’s the reason why we need to always think positive thoughts: Positive thinking equals positive life experience.

But according to whom?

According to the science of psychoneuroimmunology, for one. (To get a general overview of this particular branch of science, visit ( branch of science that supports the positive-thought statement above is quantum physics, which is the topic examined in this article. (For a clear definition and background of quantum physics, you may wish to visit the following site:

Simply stated, quantum physics is the study of the subatomic world, which consists of particles, such as electrons, protons, neutrons and others. Subatomic particles are the building blocks of the physical world.

It may sound a bit strange to hear that quantum physics, among its more technical subjects, teaches about the connections between thoughts, emotions, energy, anddestiny.

Think about thoughts and emotions as vibrations and energy. Each type of energy features different vibrations.

Whenever we experience thoughts and emotions, we create what we think about. We create our lives by sending our vibrations into the universe, where they attractsimilar vibrations.

Everything started with Albert Einstein’s famous equation, E= mc2, which explains that energy and matter are related. They are one and the same, and interchangeable.

Here are some well-known facts that will help us to better understand the relationship between quantum physics and the human mind:

  • At the subatomic level, energy responds to the mind and becomesmatter.
  • The subjective mind can change the physical world.
  • The mind has effects on energy (matter).

Now we come to the answer as to why thinking positively alone is not enough to enable us to change our reality:

If we want to change or improve something in our lives, we need tosend positive energy and positive thoughts into thequantum field. (For some interesting and easy-to-understand information on quantum field theory,see

At the same time, our thoughts and our feelings must work together on the same course and toward the same end. In other words, they must be inalignment, which means that theyshould be synchronised. Our minds (actually, our thinking) and our body (actually, our feelings) need to work together toward our goals. We must think and feel the same.

For instance: If we want to be more self-confident (we’re thinking that we wantto be more self-confident), and we feel that we don’t deserve it (for any possible reason), the quantum field (the reality of our lives) won’t respond.

Why not?

Because our thoughts and our feelings are in conflict.

How do we solve this conflict?

When we want to change something or to get something, we must feel it, see it, taste it, visualize it, and experience it with all our senses. Doing so supercharges our minds before they send vibrations to the quantum field.

Whatever we bring to life from within ourselves will determine what we receive from the life outside of us.

So, what’s the answer to the question, “Is positive thinking alone enough to change our reality?”

It’s “no.” We need a little help from our friends: our thoughts and feelings. Once we get these two working together, there are no limits to what we can do.As human beings, we’re more powerful than we could ever imagine!