A Letter to My Empath Friends

Dear Empaths,

I know many of you, and I love you all.

You are great, special, sensitive, and beautiful people. The world without you would be a world without passion, love, understanding, and support.

We need you in our lives.

I know that many of you suffer from constant fear, stress, anxiety, or a lack of meaning in life. Nevertheless, you’re heroes, because you’re not hiding your soul or your compassion. You’re here for us whenever we need you, surrounding us with a beautiful circle of love.

Our planet needs you.

You have the power to make other people great, but you don’t know how to make yourself great, and that’s really sad.

To enable yourself to be great, my dear empath friends, take care not to give yourself to others unconditionally. You need to keep some of your energy for yourself. Don’t add more stress to your already existing anxiety. Learn how to make a peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable life for yourself—first. Everything starts with you. If you don’t have enough energy or love for yourself, how can you give love and energy to others? You can’t give away something that you don’t have.

Therefore, make a place in your life where you can relax: separate from the rest of the world—the part that causes you unnecessary stress. Refuel your energy in that special place and return to it whenever life gets too busy, too hectic, or too demanding for you. And when you are there: relax, meditate, visualize, sit down and listen to your favorite music…or just be silent. Feel your feelings, think your thoughts, or read a book that will teach you that you’re not alone on the Earth. That’s the best way to de-stress and recharge yourself.

You are a precious gift to the world.

Don’t dwell on your constant worry about health, or on how to save the world.

Yes, the world will survive even without you. Make your life easy—it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Connect to your own beliefs and spirituality. This will make the difference and make you stronger and allow you to be kinder to yourself.

Please understand that this letter isn’t about selfishness. It’s about balance.

You need balance between helping others and helping yourself. You feel more than you need to, and modern medicine can’t help you. There’s no cure for an empath’s love. Our Western medicine treats symptoms, not the soul and spirit.

You are your own health-care provider—and you are your own best possible provider.

Make your emotional life healthy, and your physical health will improve immediately. We call it the mind–body connection. It works—trust me.

If one day you feel overwhelmed, or when things are falling apart, go inside yourself, inside your spirit, and find your cure, remedy, and comforting place.

You deserve to have a sacred space.

You will always be in my heart, dear empaths.

With love,
J. K.