What do you need to build a meaningful life?

Do you know the answer? This question is not easy to answer for one simple reason; who can claim to know the right answer? Who’s going to say that his view is right?

Before reading this article, make your own list of possible needs for building a meaningful life. I did it with my extended family members, and my conclusion was.

Ah, no, I am not going to immediately give you my own conclusions on this matter. You need to read this article first, then develop your own thoughts on this subject, and after that, you need to draw your own conclusions.

The first question is: “Could we gain firsthand knowledge of how to build a meaningful life by watching how an `expert works’?”

Let me explain my findings: “There is no expert who can give you your reasons for a meaningful life. An `expert’ can help you on the long road towards finding your own meaning, but definitely, that expert can’t find your meaning for you. It’s your job to do that. Your meaning in life is your personal thing. The only `expert’ who can do it, is you. But, I didn’t say don’t go around with wise people. No, my point is: learn from knowledgeable, wise and experienced teachers, but your meaning in life should be your choice. You have to be willing to make the effort and find your own meaning in your own life.”

The next question is: “Is it possible to know the purpose of a meaningful life?” Some people will simply say: “I don’t care about this question.” Other people will answer with: “I don’t know the answer.” I am looking for people who have the wisdom and courage to find the answers! When you say: “I don’t know,” or you have no desire to find the answer, you give up the best possible opportunity to learn something new in your life. Resistance to attempting to find answers to existential life questions is understandable, but not acceptable.

Obviously, you do not always need to find the answer, yet you always need to try to find it. If you have courage, and the desire to always ask questions about life, you will enjoy a more fulfilled life.

If your question is “Why do we need a meaningful life?” The answer could be that living your life with meaning and purpose is, overall, more satisfying and more successful for you as an individual. If your soul has found a meaning, you will be at peace with yourself and you will feel fulfilled. Your deep understanding of life will provide you with peace in your heart, and knowledge of what you are actually living for. The soul needs meaning in order to achieve higher levels of both self-esteem and self-confidence. Your meaning should be clear and real, not fake.
Maybe you can fool others about the meaning of your life, but you can never fool your own soul. With no doubt – we need a meaningful life.

Is there a dilemma? “What’s the connection between achievements and having a meaning in life?”

Tricky question, isn’t it? Be careful before answering this question! For many people out there, a meaningful life is equal to success, and a good and well-paid job. Is it your opinion that a lot of money, a good position at work, and a successful life are the essential bases for a meaningful life? Fortunately, a lack of success doesn’t mean a lack of meaning. There are thousands of people who haven’t gained any particular success in life, but they still have a meaningful life. Even pleasure can’t provide you with your meaning to life.

A meaningful life has nothing to do with your position at work, nor with your bank account. A meaning in life has to do with your feelings; what is, for you, your meaning in life. According to the teachings of Logotherapy, and its founder, Dr. Viktor E. Frankl: “Life is potentially meaningful under any conditions, be they pleasurable or miserable. Meaning is in principal available to each and every person irrespective of sex, age, IQ, educational background, character structure, and environment and, last but not least, irrespective of whether one is religious or not, and if religious, irrespective of the denomination to which one belongs” ( Viktor E. Frankl, M.D. “The Doctor and the Soul”)

How should you find a meaning in your life? As you already know, no one can find one for you, or give you a meaning. Where can you find a meaning? Maybe in your creativity, your love, in your acceptance and understanding of life, or even in your desire to help someone, or to help yourself? Venues to finding meaning are everywhere, and for sure, are within you.

Now you know the answer to the question: “Who can live a meaningful life?”

There are no excuses for not having, searching for, or finding a meaning in your life.