When the Mind Becomes Our Worst Enemy

This is a story about how the mind has the power to ‘kill us’ or ‘heal us’, with the same intensity.

The human mind has no limits.

In this article, you will learn about one side of the power of the mind, “When the mind becomes our worst enemy”.

Let’s start with the power of self-sabotage. Nobody can defeat us so “efficiently”as self-sabotage. Our own thoughts are so powerful.

Self-sabotage has already destroyed so many talented people, most of the time unconsciously, by making   them unable to properly commit. Self-sabotage can turn love to hate or success to failure, through powerful, but inappropriate thoughts.

Comfort Zone: Can you believe it: Our comfort zoneis, sometimes, our enemy!

Many people choose to stay in their comfort zone, losing the opportunity for growing up, learning and creating the life they would love. They have lost the chance to discover a new world, which is beyond the limits of their comfort zone, and then, they blame life. Living in the comfort zone is a hopeless life, and they will never have the life they really want.

Sure, the comfort zone is there to protect us, but unfortunately it can be our worst enemy as well. The good thing is: we can unlearn this negative behaviour.

When life goes off-track, it is easy to slip into self-pity bitterness, another example of when the mind is our enemy.

Self-pity bitterness is not the right answer to life’s adversities. It is a dead-end road. Self-love, not self-pity, actions, self- confidence and accepting the circumstances, are the correct answer. Feeling sorry for ourselves does not work for anyone, and it will never work. 

Self-confidence is our knowledge of how to handle whatever life presents us. Low self- confidence is an example of when we did not learn this knowledge, and in that case, could be our enemy. A mind of low self- confidence works against us, not helping us to overcome challenges in every-day life.

Low self-confidence always uses, “I cannot do that” statements, instead of the statement, “I can try doing that”.

Unfortunately, a mind of low self-confidence constantly “pumps” negative, self-defeating thoughts, working against us. 

The subconscious mind is the next example of negative force. Do not be surprised; the subconscious mind could possibly be our enemy.

Let me explain it briefly.

Our subconscious mind determines and programs our success or failure, our happiness or unhappiness. This mind is an amusingly and incredible complex mechanism, directing our thoughts.

The subconscious mind is our “library”.

Whenever we need to make any decisions in life, our subconscious mind will scan the billions of thoughts that we have stored. After learning from “the library”, our subconscious mind will determine what we need to do. If we stored negative, scary, unproductive thoughts about an event, our reaction will be the same, and against us.

The reality of our mindset, both conscious and subconscious, is simple: it can be promoting or inhibiting.

What about addictive behaviour?

You probably know ‘everything’ about addiction, don’t you?

Our addiction to alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, work, TV, porn, or any other imaginable addiction, is our worst enemy!

Why is that?

Because addictive behaviour is so difficult to eradicate, for one very simple reason: it works in the short run! They can give us temporary, but not stable relief.

In the long run these quick “painkillers” can destroy our health and our relationships, making our life miserable. No doubt, addictive habits are dysfunctional and unproductive behaviours.

To sum up: The human mind is the most powerful tool in our hands. Use your mind carefully as a healer, not as a killer.