How About More Spirituality

Is the Sky Falling?

“Do you know the expression, `the sky is falling,’ asked friend of mine, “when someone jumps into the conclusion and causing himself and everyone else to panic?”

“Sure, I do, but what do you mean?” I asked Jack, my long-time friend who is now having a hard time.

“I lost my peace of mind,” said Jack, “as a result of feeling a deep sense of insecurity within. I mean, look at all the economic news and the political situations around the world, with totally unpredictable outcomes. Everything is in jeopardy. Who is going to save us and where are we heading now? I lost my own support and guidance and I really need something stronger than me to help me.”

“How about more spirituality, Jack?”

“Spirituality? I am not that kind of person. Believing in a Higher Power, hope, faith or meditation? Give me a break, please. This is not working for me.”

“You have a choice,” Jack. But before making any decision, think about a great genius, Albert Einstein. Many years ago, Einstein said this: “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity. You cannot solve any problem in the same state of consciousness in which it was created.”

“Does this make sense to you, Jack? Excuse me, but I have to go now.”

After a couple of days, I got a phone call from Jack. “Are you still busy with your spirituality or maybe you have time for me?”

“I’m always there for you, Jack. How can I help you?”

“Tell me whatever you want to say about spirituality, I won’t interrupt you. Sound good to you?”

“Sounds perfect to me, Jack.”

This is what I had to say to Jack when I saw him after accepting his invitation for a brief conversation on spirituality.

Spirituality can help us when we need to increase our belief in ourselves, restore our faith, or provide hope. Spirituality cannot answer all of our questions, but it certainly can offer support and optimism about our future, helping us to get back on our feet.

When we feel peace of mind within, we have sense of security and safety.

– If feelings of fear, anger, hate or jealousy or any other unproductive feelings arise, spirituality is there to teach us how to let go of these thoughts.

– Searching inside ourselves, which is actually spirituality in action, we’ll find something we need to do to fulfill ourselves and complete our tasks.

– Very often one feels empty from the inside because of a lack of purpose or ambition. Fulfilling life with a purpose gives life meaning. Taking responsibility for our own feelings can provide solutions to many unanswered dilemmas.

– When life becomes “negative” or “counterproductive,” spirituality is there to set our mind on something more productive then negativism.

– It’s not a moral judgment to say that personal integrity and wholeness includes spirituality as part of a person’s life.

– The more we take control of our spirituality, the more cheerful, successful, and happier we’ll be with who we are, and what we have right now.

– If we become spiritual, we’ll be less hard on ourselves, and we’ll be able to sit down and spend some quality time with ourselves finding and discovering what’s really inside our heart.
Then we’ll know what’s truly important to us.

– In life, people with spirituality will face all challenges with feelings of faith, acceptance, hope, and optimism. Understanding spirituality will give them essential knowledge of how “life works.”

To feel joy, one needs to have many pursuits in life: good health, family life, work, shelter, friends, personal goals, interests, hobbies, meaning, purpose, satisfaction and enthusiasm, as well as many other necessary things. The point is that when one of these pursuits in our life doesn’t go properly, we can always find support from others pursuits.

As people, we have an obligation to rescue ourselves, with our best intentions being to provide support for our own life. If we are waiting for someone to rescue us, we are wasting our time and heading into trouble.

Spiritually, the mind and the body work together to help us struggle with everyday life’s challenges, teaching us that there is more than one way of seeing any particular event. If anything can help us to manage ourselves, it would be spirituality. It provides us with skills and problem-solving strategies and treats us with love and respect.

Even when we are losing our sense of worth, through spirituality we’ll value ourselves with more clarity and responsibility. Going after personal growth with open heart and a strong desire for success is always worth it.

It’s not a bad thing for people to have more spirituality in their lives. Spirituality can be a source of a great help, comfort and strength, as well the reason for being alive.