The Human Brain: The Secret of the Most Complex Organ

This is an article about the most powerful thing: the human brain. There is nothing similar. If your comment is, “How that can be true? The human brain cannot compare to the latest IT devices.” My answer is, “Who made all these incredible IT devices? The human brain, of course, not the other way around!”

The evolution of the human brain is more complex than the evolution of any other living organism.

It took us millions of years to develop the most sophisticated brain on the earth.

At the beginning of evolution, 500 million years ago, we had a “primitive brain,” or the brain stem. It just had survival functions, like reproduction, digestion and respiration. With the cerebellum (“the little brain”), they made together the so called first brain.

Roughly 300 million years ago, the second brain or midbrain appeared. Called the mammalian brain, it is the place where the autonomic nervous system is located. If you never heard of the midbrain, you may have heard about the emotional brain. 

Finally, three million years ago we developed the neocortex –a new brain, called the third brain. This is the most complex part of the human brain. It is the place of human awareness, thinking and free will. The neocortex is responsible for the evolution of intelligence, and many other functions.

Humans have a larger neocortex percentage of total brain matter, than any other mammals. Because of the huge neocortex area in the brain, we can differentiate ourselves from other mammals.

To show why human brain is so complex, I will say more about the most “recent” part of the brain: the neocortex. The neocortex is the center of higher mental functions, and is the newer part of the cerebral cortex.

You are creative, you remember, you learn, you analyze, and you are logical, because of the functions of the neocortex.

What separates you from other species?

It is your ability to consciously learn, process and remember data from your environment. The neocortex is your executive mind, your intellect, your personality and your personal identity.

If you prefer the vocabulary of computer technology, the neocortex is motherboard of your very busy computer — the brain.

Also, you have good, or bad, behaviour because of the functions of your own neocortex.

With a bigger neocortex, you will have more ability to learn and remember. Likewise, learning is your way to make your neocortex bigger. Simply, the more you learn the more you will have the capacity to learn! Think of your brain as a muscle that needs everyday training. Without constantly learning new skills and knowledge, your brain will literally shrink! Now you can understand why the whole brain is so complex, and why the neocortex is such an important part of the human brain.