When Negative Thinking Is Positive

Provocative statement?

This article is not about the pros and cons of positive thinking—it’s about correct and logical thinking. If you’re interested in learning the pros and cons of the process of thinking, however, you’re in the right place.

Everyone knows that positive thinking is beneficial for many different reasons. There’s no doubt about that. Happiness, success, and gratitude go hand in hand with positive thinking.

I am not questioning the process of positive thinking—not at all.

Rather, I have a question for you: Do you sometimes feel down, or angry with yourself, when your process of thinking is negative, and you try and try, unsuccessfully, to change your thinking from negative to positive?

Of cause you do. Negative feelings generally accompany negative thoughts.

Unfortunately, what you resist, persists, You probably have heard this statement before. This resistance strategy always fails; nevertheless, you continue to try to resist your negative thoughts and feelings—in vain.

Do you know why resistance strategy doesn’t work?

The simple answer is this: That’s how the mind works.

Unsatisfied with my explanation?

Let me clarify.

By resisting and avoiding negative feelings or thoughts, you’re actually repeating them again and again and keeping them in your mind. These repeated thoughts serve as a command to your subconscious mind that it should remember; in other words, you’re telling your subconscious mind, “I want to remember this,” and your subconscious mind will remember…which is exactly the opposite of what you wanted to do in the first place: to forget!

Are you stuck without a strategy?

The first strategy is to understand that there’s always another way to defeat negativity: Who said you need to be positive and happy 365 days a year? Is there a rule or a law that requires you to be positive all the time? I don’t think so. The fact is that false expectations, such as the one that says life always has to be positive, are often the cause of unhappiness.

Is it possible to reconcile positive with negative thinking?

What should you do when things go “negative”?

Naturally, with negativity in life, we feel negatively about events.

How about changing your strategy? What if your negativity is telling you that you need to change, improve, or avoid something? Is it possible that you can learn from the negative feelings of (fill in the blank)?

Negative information is still information, and it is possible for you to learn from it as you would learn from any other type of information. The moment at which you see everything as information is the moment when you can reconcile two opposite side of reality: positivity and negativity.

Simply put, you can use “negativity” in a positive way: as a learning opportunity and as an informative experience. Perception is everything. How you see the event, which is actually your perception, is the most important thing. Perception could be “negative,” but if you can see it in a “positive way,” you can change anything. And that’s how negative thinking can be positive.