When Something Is Not Working In Our Life

“What is wrong with my life? I have learned many things and have done everything in accordance with rules for positive living, but my life has stayed the same. Why?”

This was a comment from a person who was with us at Positive Thinkers’ Group.

She wanted to understand why “everything is against her.”  “Whenever I tried to change and improve, I failed,” was her claim.

Who is going to try to answer these questions?

This is a brief explanation, with a help from Dr. Bruce Lipton’s sources.

It was given by people who called themselves positive thinkers.

How the mind works

Here is the explanation:

“First, the statement: “I learned many things, but my life stayed the same” is understandable from the science’s point of view. It is all about people’s minds and habits.

We have two minds: the conscious mind (CM) and the subconscious mind (SCM).

The CM is our thinking mind, which includes aspirations, goals and ambitions. It represents us, and we have power over our conscious mind.

The subconscious mind is our habit mind

It is just a “recording device,” recording our life’s experiences since we were a child. We had no power over our SCM when we were recording our life’s experiences.

Since day one, we have taped the behaviour, feelings, moods and attitudes of our parents, family members, peers and the social environment around us. Therefore, our subconscious mind represents others.

Now, comes the first point: The conscious and subconscious minds are not connected in the way we believe they are. They are two different parts of the same human mind’s nature. They are working in separate pathways, not exchanging information! Because of this fact, we can consciously learn something using the aware part of the mind, but this will not change the subconscious mind.

Why? Because there is no direct communication between these two minds. Just conscious learning will not change the nature of the subconscious mind.

How to change subconscious minds

The only one way to change the SCM is to override the old programs and re-record new programs.

How? In the same way we have learned old programs; repeating a hundred times new skills (programs), so they will become habits. Remember how we learned walking, talking or riding a bike.

Unfortunately, when we learn something, the information doesn’t cross from the conscious to the subconscious mind directly.

This is the reason why using only our conscious mind, we cannot change our subconscious mind.

Now we understand why some people struggle in life. They have a “good program” in their conscious mind, but they have a “bad program” in their subconscious mind which is not supporting their destination.

Or, we can say people want to change or learn to change, but they do not have support from their subconscious mind. If we want to succeed, our conscious and subconscious mind should be in agreement.

Who is winner in the battle between the conscious and subconscious mind?

I am sure you know the answer; it is the subconscious mind!


The reason is this: 95% of our life is a printout of our subconscious mind — which is other peoples’ programs.

The remaining 5% comes from our desires, goals and aspirations — which is our conscious mind.”


Despite this explanation, we are not victims of our subconscious mind. We have the power to override the old programs and record new ones, if we know what is limiting us.