Do You Really Believe in Positive Thinking?

I got this unexpected question just a minute after finishing my presentation on positive thinking. Honestly, I was very surprised, even confused and totally unprepared. Actually, I sensed a bit of anger in the individual’s voice. How should I answer this angry person? “Yes, I do”? In a split second I made a decision and said: “Would like to have a cup of coffee with me?”

“Me? I don’t think so,” said the angry person.

“No problem. Maybe next time. I understand,” I replied.

I didn’t have a chance to say anything more. He has just turned around and left the room.

This article is devoted to my angry listener who didn’t want to find out more on positive thinking. My intention was to give him additional explanation, not to criticize him or to ignore him. I had just one desire-to help and encourage him. We know that people don’t change by force, they change when they want to.

What I wanted to say to him is this:

Anger, doubt and blame are not appropriate answers to unhappiness. We can replace this negative energy with a positive one. It is up to us to put all the pieces together and switch from anger and unhappiness to live life well. We do not need anger. Anger is suffering. A productive and happy life goes only with understanding how to deal with problems.

Positive thinking is not just believing. It’s the process of creating positive thoughts and clearing the mind of confusion, preparing the mind to meet every difficulty, and looking only for the good in any situation.

The positive-thinking person will accept whatever comes his way, not denying reality-tragedy does exist and life gets in everybody’s way, but the positive-thinking person will refuse to dwell on it. Facing challenges, the positive-thinking person will make all possible efforts to find a solution. Dealing is a positive approach-complaining is negative one. This is the biggest difference between the positive and negative-thinking person.

Positive thinking is a state of mind and is the choice of the wise man. It’s more of an outlook- how you will explain the situation to yourself when bad things happen. A true positive thinker actually understands that whatever happens, they will know how to handle it. If unwanted or unexpected events occur, they’ll require wisdom, not sympathy, to move forward and to deal with the situation.

The problem with my “opponent” is his non-critical way of thinking. There is no way to reach any goal, any destination or anything else with narrow-minded thoughts. Pessimism is just one example of narrow-minded thinking.

Mistakenly, people believe that a positive thinker is always “in the happiest state of mind”. No, it’s not true and it’s totally impossible, but positive thoughts will bring positive energy when you need it the most. Anger or sadness will bring only more unhappiness and more negative energy.

Do positive people feel sorry for their mistakes? Of course, but they know they can’t undo them.

I know it’s not easy to change negative thinking into positive.

It takes time to break an old habit. We must have a good reason to change ourselves for the better; in this particular case, the reason is avoiding unnecessary anger and doubt.

Also, we need to use and exercise our minds! It sounds silly but the mind is developed by use, like our muscles. Using the mind by exercising it in the positive direction will provide us with mental power.

Every comment, thought or act is a direct outcome of belief.

Every believer is known by his conduct-the negative believer by negative behavior, the positive believer by positive actions.

Whenever we are angry, sad or hurt, and we step forward to change it, we are doing a great service to ourselves. I can’t stop emphasizing the immense ability of the mind to produce a healing change in the body. Emotional states (anger, fear, hurt) influence physical health for the worse and my angry listener probably is not aware of this fact. I must repeat a well-known statement: Whatever we expect-we attract. What we think, we become.

My non-believer doesn’t accept positive thinking. How can he expect a positive outcome out of his negativity? What comes out of person is always what’s inside the person. I do not know the reasons for people’s anger and unhappiness, but I know: when people stop blaming for their unhappiness, they’ll start taking real steps toward recovery.

One more friendly piece of advice to my suspicious acquaintance:

Be around positive people, they are our sincere friends. We can’t be at our best when we are around negative people who bring us down. This is just one more reason to believe in positive thinking.

Whatever you do for yourself, do it with the love. Whenever you do something with love, your mind opens and everything changes.

Wise men use knowledge, while the ignorant ignore it.