Prerequisites For Success

You’ve reached this stage in life looking for more success. You’re not satisfied with yourself and you want change.

Maybe your dream didn’t come true.

You didn’t choose the events in your life. You had no choice but to accept whatever happened to you. But now it is time to start building a new life.

What do you need to succeed?

Starting a new life? First, you need to open your heart and trust yourself. Be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself.

Prerequisites for success include many “self’s”: self-confidence, self-respect, self-esteem, self-love, self-consciousness, self-control, self-determination and self-help. Today, let’s look at self-confidence.


Without self-confidence, each step in a new life approach is potentially a huge problem. I know, low self-confidence is not your choice, but you need to deal with it anyway. If low self-confidence is your problem, you need to do something about it before even starting to look at change. Why? Because the process of changing your life will be more successful with the right level of self-confidence.

As an adult, with each passing year, experiences tend to drag you down. In times of uncertainty, keep yourself confident, as much as you can. If you come to the point of creating the life you deserve, you will need that self-confidence.

Being stuck

According to experts, being stuck in an undesired situation is a consequence of lack of self-confidence. Low self-confidence means an inability to respond adequately to any problem. There is no doubt; self-confidence is crucial for overall success.

Accept that you are now a person in transition, and you may feel “everything is against me”. Do not accept this perception as true. It’s just a perception, not the real fact.

I need to say this very clearly: Not dealing with low self-confidence could be the beginning of an addiction to alcohol, drugs or compulsive behaviour.

If you are aware of your low self-confidence, and you cannot improve it by self-help, ask for professional help. Low self-confidence will not go away by itself. You need to fight it, with the help of professionals. The purpose of professional help is to transform your perception of yourself.

You need support

Do not be afraid or ashamed of your condition. You do not have low self-confidence because you’re a “bad person”. No, there are times when we feel confused, isolated or overwhelmed by circumstances. If you experience these feelings, try to stay close to people who can help you. Do not isolate yourself. We are social creatures; we need support from our fellows.

Unfortunately, with low self-confidence usually go twisted negative thoughts, loneliness, jealousy and depression. Do not accept low self-confidence as your destiny. At every stage in life stick with learning that you have a choice. You can be the person you want to be when you choose an action. Train yourself to make changes and understand that success is waiting for you.

Staying positive, you create positive energy. As a result, you get a much healthier and more successful life.

One more thing: No matter how low your self-confidence is, never give up your dignity. You deserve respect under any given condition.

In this article, maybe I told you something you didn’t want to hear. I’m sorry, but, as you must be too, I was just being honest with you.