The Quality of Life Depends on our Thoughts

Recently, my neighbor asked me to come with him to a meeting of his support group. The group has no professional facilitator and everyone was welcome to attend and to present a personal opinion on the current topic.

As a guest at the meeting, I didn’t say much on the topic of “the process of the thinking,” but during the conversation with members, I expressed my view with this statement: “The quality of our life depends on many things, but most definitely depends on our thoughts, as well.”

My intention was clear: to comment on how important our way of thinking is and how big of an influence our thinking process has on our lives. I just wanted to state the well-known fact that thoughts shape our lives, yet recognizing the fact that our lives are also shaped by many other things.

Unfortunately, I had tough time making myself clear, and I got no support at all for my statement. I didn’t have a chance to explain my view to the members of the group.

This article is for my friends from the group, with the intention of explaining why our life, among other things, depends on our thoughts.

My comment was correct and would have been very familiar to people who know how the process of thinking “works.” Thoughts and our ways of thinking influence life and there is no doubt about that.

Everything starts with a simple thought. The thought could be a positive one or a negative one. All thoughts together make up the process of thinking. A single thought is the very first step in the chain of explaining why the quality of life depends on our thoughts.

The process of thinking will shape our core system of beliefs. If we have positive thoughts and positive experiences in life, our system of belief will be positive, and vice versa. Why is the core system of belief so important? It’s important for many reasons, including our level of expectations. There is strong correlation between a core system of belief and one’s expectations. Expectations are very tricky. Why? Expectations that are too low or too high could ruin our life! Therefore, chose your level of expectations carefully. Pay attention to how high and how realistic your expectations are. They will determine your attitude. I like the definition of the word “attitude” from The Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English: “a way of looking at life; a way of thinking, feeling or behaving.” Accordingly to this definition, can we say that attitude is simply the result of the way we think, feel, and do?

Now, next in our chain of explanation comes behavior. How can we explain behavior? Maybe the best explanation could be this: “Behavior is the expression of attitude” ( Naturally, behavior is influenced not only by attitude, but by emotions and genetics as well. Our behavior is our way to say to the world: this is my attitude in action; this is who I am.

We are not here in this world to show only who we are, but also to exercise what we can do or perform. Yes, the performance depends on the behavior.

If one has a positive thought and belief system, and realistic expectations, including a good attitude and behavior, the performance will be good. Understandably, a good performance will produce a good result. When you are involved in a project, what does your boss expect from you? He expects a result. Attitude and behavior are important, but at the end of every job, people expect only a positive result. The result is the last word in the chain of explanation, showing the way we shape our life.

Did I forget something here? No, I didn’t. I covered the chain: a thought, a system of beliefs, expectations, attitude, behavior, performance, result. And with positive results from the performance, the quality of your life will be exceptional.

Next time if someone asks you: “What is the best way to get the best result?” just answer simply: “The very first thought.”

If that person thinks that you are a little bit….., show him this article. The very first BOLD word in the chain of explanation was: THOUGHT.